Flair Airlines

What’s Going On with Canadian Ultra-Low-Cost Carriers?
News Apr 4, 2023

Recently, Flair Airlines has had some of its aircraft seized and Canada Jetlines appears to be focusing its efforts outside...

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Flair Airlines to Launch New Quebec City Routes
News Nov 30, 2022

The ultra-low-cost-carrier Flair Airlines has announced two new routes that will service Quebec City from Edmonton and Halifax beginning in...

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Flair Airlines and Lynx Air to Expand Capacity
News Oct 1, 2022

Two Canadian ultra-low-cost airlines, Flair Airlines and Lynx Air, have announced major expansions to their route networks and fleet size.

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All About Budget Airlines, Part 1: Are They Worth It Domestically?
Guides Oct 28, 2021

Ultra-low-cost budget airlines offer tickets that are worth your hard-earned dollars, so long as you have a few key factors...

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