Video: The New Chase Aeroplan Card
Uncategorized Dec 5, 2021

In this video, we'll go over everything you need to know about the new Chase Aeroplan Card.

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The New Chase Aeroplan Card: Everything You Need to Know
News Dec 2, 2021

Aeroplan’s US-issued co-branded credit card, the Chase Aeroplan World Elite Mastercard, has finally launched today. Here's everything you need to...

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Chase Sapphire Cards Adding New Benefits & Credits
News Aug 14, 2021

Chase will be adding dining and travel benefits to their flagship Sapphire card lineup, making the cards more attractive to...

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Video: Aeroplan USA (Chase Partnership + Mastercard Coming Soon)
Uncategorized Aug 4, 2021

In this video, we'll break down what Aeroplan's recent US expansion with the Chase partnership means for Aeroplan members on...

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Strategizing Around the Chase 5/24 Rule
Guides Jun 25, 2021

Chase offers access to some unique loyalty programs for Canadians, although there are some tricky barriers to navigate.

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Aeroplan & Chase Will Launch a New Mastercard in the US
News Dec 14, 2020

In late 2021, Aeroplan will join the Chase Ultimate Rewards ecosystem as a new 1:1 transfer partner, and will also...

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Chase Sapphire Reserve to Increase Annual Fee
News Jan 10, 2020

The Chase Sapphire Reserve will be increasing its annual fee by US$100 and introducing new benefits by Lyft and DoorDash....

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Chase Visa Cards Ending on March 15
News Jan 15, 2018

Chase is fully terminating their card operations in Canada, shutting down all and Marriott Visa accounts on March 15.

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Chase Marriott Visa Discontinued
News Sep 7, 2017

A longstanding favourite among Canadian travellers, the Chase Marriott Visa card is unfortunately no longer open to new applicants.

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Chase Marriott Rewards Premier Visa
News Aug 6, 2017

Discover the Canadian co-branded credit card for Marriott Rewards, one of the only cards in the marketplace with no foreign...

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