Award Searching

How to Use AwardLogic Like a Pro
Dec 15, 2022

AwardLogic is a subscription-based award searching platform that compares multiple programs in a single search, and here's how to use...

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The Most Common Award Availability Release Patterns
Aug 19, 2022

Understanding airline award availability patterns can help you get the seat you want. Here are six of the most common...

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How to Approach Difficult Award Searches
Jun 17, 2022

Let's look at some ways to strategically approach award space searches, using examples with some of the most popular airline...

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How to Use ITA Matrix Like a Pro
May 11, 2022

ITA Matrix is one of the most powerful ways to search for flights and understand the inner workings of airfare...

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How to Use Google Flights Like a Pro
Apr 27, 2022

Google Flights has become my one-stop shop for booking flights, researching routes, and planning upcoming trips. Here’s a rundown of...

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How to Use Great Circle Mapper Like a Pro
Mar 14, 2022

A full guide to Great Circle Mapper, one of the most powerful tools for visualizing flight paths and mapping out...

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How to Use FlightConnections Like a Pro
Mar 8, 2022

“Which airlines fly where?” FlightConnections is a powerful tool that answers this question in a visual and user-friendly way.

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How to Use ExpertFlyer Like a Pro
Mar 2, 2022

Our refreshed in-depth guide on how to leverage the power of ExpertFlyer to simplify your life and access key information...

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