Airline Status

Status Match to WestJet Rewards Silver, Gold, or Platinum
Deals Mar 27, 2023

Until April 30, WestJet is offering a status match to travellers with frequent flyer status levels with Air Canada and...

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Aeroplan Elite Status: Should You Choose Your 2023 Select Benefits Now?
News Jan 4, 2023

Aeroplan Elite Status members can now choose their 2023 Select Benefits, but it might be better to wait until later...

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Aeroplan’s Everyday Status Qualification Begins for 2023
Guides Jan 2, 2023

Aeroplan's Everyday Status Qualification has begun for 2023, allowing members to earn Aeroplan 25K Status through engaging with the program...

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Aeroplan Elite Status: How Much Is It Worth?
Guides Dec 1, 2022

By examining the benefits of each status level, we establish fair values of Aeroplan Elite Status at the 25K, 35K,...

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The Best Ways to Earn Star Alliance Gold
Guides Nov 23, 2022

Here are the best ways to earn Star Alliance Gold status, either by strategically crediting paid flights, gifting, or through...

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Aeroplan Elite Status: Guide to Qualifying and Privileges
Guides Nov 3, 2022

A full guide to Air Canada's Aeroplan Elite Status program, which rewards its most frequent travellers with a variety of...

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Air Canada eUpgrades: How Much Are They Worth?
Guides Oct 14, 2022

Let's crunch some numbers and explore the valuation of Air Canada eUpgrade credits in the context of booking Aeroplan rewards...

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Air Canada Status Pass: Share Your Elite Benefits with Others
News Jul 25, 2022

Aeroplan's Status Pass allows Aeroplan 50K members and above to bestow their benefits upon others when they aren't travelling together. 

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Aeroplan Elite Status: The Benefits of Being a Super Elite
Guides Jul 19, 2022

As Air Canada's most loyal customers, Aeroplan Super Elite members are afforded benefits above and beyond what other travellers are...

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Aeroplan Elite Status: Accelerate Your Status Through September 2022
Deals Apr 5, 2022

Air Canada has put on another series of offers to help members achieve Aeroplan Elite Status – now extended to September...

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