Aeroplan Elite Status

Air Canada Announces Changes to Aeroplan Elite Status Benefits
Mar 8, 2024

Air Canada has announced some changes to the benefits offered to members at various tiers of Aeroplan Elite Status.

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Upcoming Changes to Aeroplan Elite Status Benefits for 2024
News Oct 27, 2023

Air Canada has announced some changes to Aeroplan Elite Status benefits, which mostly take effect as of January 1, 2024.

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Air Canada Expands Complimentary Preferred Seat Selection for Aeroplan Elite Members
News Oct 3, 2023

Air Canada has expanded complimentary Preferred Seat selection to include all Aeroplan Elite members, either prior to or during check-in.

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Is There “Hidden” Air Canada eUpgrade Availability?
Insights Sep 18, 2023

When looking for Air Canada eUpgrade availability, it's best to search across multiple websites for the most accurate results.

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How Does the Chase Aeroplan Card Elite Status Level Up Benefit Work?
Guides Aug 18, 2023

The Level Up benefit on the Chase Aeroplan Card offers a one-tier Aeroplan Elite Status boost upon spending $50,000 in...

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Air Canada Improves eUpgrades and Status Passes
News Aug 17, 2023

Air Canada has made improvements to eUpgrades and Status Passes, two benefits offered through its Aeroplan Elite Status program.

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