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Prince of Travel is a personal website whose goal is to educate, inform, and inspire its readers on all matters related to travel and getting the most out of travel rewards. The information contained on the site is for general informational purposes only, and should not be treated as financial or other professional advice.

Travel is what I love, and I'm beyond fortunate to have a platform to write about it. Naturally, I hope to derive some value out of the time I put into Prince of Travel. To that end, I generate income from the advertisements you see on the website, and I may earn a referral or affiliate bonus when you use links on the website to transact with third parties.

This includes signing up for certain recommended credit cards. I disclose when an application link provides me with a referral kickback, so that the choice always rests with you as to whether or not to support Prince of Travel. And since the best interest of my readers is always top-of-mind, I will always provide you with the best offers for any product I write about, regardless of whether I stand to benefit from that particular offer.

On the subject of airline, hotel, and airport lounge reviews, as well as articles on sightseeing and destinations, I publish these articles out of enthusiasm for the travel experience, and the impartiality and unbiasedness of these articles is something I hold dear. If and when I choose to work with a travel provider to showcase their offering, such an arrangement will be clearly disclosed in the post – including details on any benefits I received as a result of working together – and it will not be misrepresented as an "official" impartial review. And of course, I'd only engage in such partnerships with travel providers that I believe would be an ideal fit for my readers.

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