Introducing Resources by Prince of Travel

I’m delighted to announce the launch of the new Resources section here on Prince of Travel. You can find Resources via the main navigation bar at the top of each page. 

Why Resources?

One of the challenges I face as a blogger is ensuring that the most important content on the website is up-to-date and easily accessible to readers.

For example, one of the first articles I ever wrote for Prince of Travel was the Miles & Points Intro and the accompanying series. In the time that has passed since then, a few parts of the content have become outdated, lowering the usefulness of those articles to contemporary readers. 

Similarly, think about how quickly the Canadian credit card landscape changes. Just in the last month or so, the RBC Avion 25K offer stopped being available, the Amex Platinum increased its minimum spending from $3,000 to $5,000, and the Amex Business Gold lowered its referral bonus from 10,000 to 5,000 MR points. 

Sometimes, when an offer changes, the best deal you can get changes as well. For example, before the latest round of changes, the optimal way to apply for the Amex Business Platinum was via a referral link; however, once the annual fee, signup bonus, and spending requirement all worsened, the ideal application channel shifted to the Canada Post special offer.

While my aim is obviously to keep every article on this blog as up-to-date as possible, I do admit it’s often challenging to keep up with the regular changes on a day-to-day basis, especially when the articles are scattered throughout the blog’s history.

That’s why I’ve decided to “retire” some of these older pages and instead adapt them into a central Resources section. The idea is for these pages to act as a reference that you can bookmark and return to at a later time, and given that they’re positioned front and centre, it’s my hope that I’ll be able to do a better job keeping them up to date.

In the near future, I aim to add to Resources by developing some more useful tools, guides, and references for the community, especially as it relates to the nitty-gritty details in the process of collecting points that can be challenging to learn.

Things like which cards can be gotten with a single credit inquiry, which points programs can be combined within households, which routes operate First Class, etc. I’m mulling over the best ways to present this information, so stay tuned for more updates on this.

Until then, though, Resources will launch with four components. I’ll go over each of these in the sections below. 

A Newbie’s Guide to Miles & Points

An adaptation of the Miles & Points Intro I wrote back in February 2017, the Newbie's Guide is intended as an introduction for newbies to get familiar with the idea of Miles & Points. 

I discuss the potential benefits that you might get out of collecting and redeeming points, as well as some of the “baby steps” that I recommend for newbies to get started. Of course, I also make a point of emphasizing the amount of effort and dedication that’s required to bring your game to the highest levels.

The intro also includes an extensive Frequently Asked Questions section, based on the most common questions I receive over many years of explaining the basics to newcomers.

Credit Card Reviews

I’ve moved the credit card reviews that I wrote previously into a centralized Credit Cards section, where you can stay up to date on the current state of offers across the marketplace.

You can find a summary of the key details of the best available offer – including signup bonuses, referral bonuses, annual fees, minimum spending requirements, and perks & benefits – at the top of each page, while the details are below the fold. 

I'll be adding to this collection of credit card reviews in the near future, since there's been quite a few new products and/or offers that might be worth your attention.

Resources – Credit Cards

Resources – Credit Cards

Points Program Guides

Over the course of 2017, I had written some in-depth guides to summarize the best parts of Canada's major travel rewards programs. These lend themselves naturally to the Resources section, since they serve as a one-stop shop to get familiar with the ins and outs of the program.

This section launches with the guides on American Express Membership Rewards, Aeroplan, Alaska Mileage Plan, and British Airways Avios. While I've written similar overviews on SPG and Marriott in the past, I've yet to create one for the new combined program, so that should be coming up next... although perhaps I'll wait until the new name of the program is revealed first!

Resources – Points Programs

Resources – Points Programs

The Lingo

Miles & Points enthusiasts tend to use a lot of shorthand and jargon when discussing their exploits, and these can be intimidating to newcomers, especially if they're trying to learn the basics while having to decipher a myriad of acronyms along the way.

That's why I've decided to compile The Lingo, a glossary page to help you navigate any tricky terms that you might encounter as you peruse the blogs and forums out there. I'm sure there's one or two that I missed, so let me know if you've been confounded by any lingo that's not on the list and I'll add it!



As the website grows, it's my obligation to keep it well-organized and ensure that it continues to deliver useful information to readers in many ways. In addition to the usual flow of blog posts in which I provide you with day-to-day updates, I'm excited to have a dedicated Resources page for key reference information that I can maintain on a regular basis. I hope you find it helpful, and don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.