Accor Live Limitless Elite Status: Guide to Qualifying and Privileges

Accor Live Limitless (ALL) is a lesser-known hotel loyalty program in North America, despite the fact that Accor is the largest hospitality company in Europe and the sixth largest in the world.

In North America, Accor’s footprint is much smaller than in Europe, but you’ll feel its presence mostly through one of its well-regarded brands, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts.

By signing up for the ALL loyalty program, you can earn elite status and enjoy ongoing benefits, including complimentary breakfast, suite upgrades, access to executive lounges, and more.

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How Does Accor Live Limitless Elite Status Work?

Accor Live Limitless has four elite status tiers beyond the Classic level, which is where all members start. The four elite status levels are: Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.

There are two ways to earn Accor Live Limitless (ALL) elite status: either by earning Status Nights or by accumulating Status points. However, ALL’s top-tier Diamond elite status can only be attained through the latter of the two options.

In order to earn status at each tier, you’ll need to earn/accumulate the following for the corresponding level:

  • Silver: 10 Status Nights or 2,000 Status points
  • Gold: 30 Status Nights or 7,000 Status points
  • Platinum: 60 Status Nights or 14,000 Status points
  • Diamond: 26,000 Status points

One Status Night is earned for every night stayed at an Accor property, although it’s worth noting that you typically won’t earn Status Nights on stays booked through third-party providers.

What’s more, you can only earn Status Nights on one room per booking. This means that even if you have multiple rooms booked for the same night, you’ll only earn one Status Night.

You’ll only earn one Status Night per reservation, regardless of the number of rooms you’ve booked

The other way to earn ALL elite status is by accumulating Status points, which are earned when you spend money at Accor Live Limitless hotels.

For every €10 you spend at the following brands, you’ll earn the following:

  • 5 Status points at Adagio Access, JO&JOE, and Greet
  • 10 Status points at Mantra, Peppers, BreakFree, Art Series, Adagio Original, and long-stay brands
  • 12.5 Status points at Ibis, Ibis Styles, and Mama Shelter
  • 25 Status points at all other participating Accor brands

If you want to reach ALL elite status by earning Status points, and you stay at hotels that earn 25 Status points for every €10 spent, you’ll need to spend the following amounts in a calendar year to access each correlated status tier.

  • Silver: €800
  • Gold: €2,800
  • Platinum: €5,600
  • Diamond: €10,400

Accor Live Limitless Status Tiers

The Accor Live Limitless elite status levels come with benefits that scale up as you reach higher status tiers.

In addition to general benefits at all hotels owned by Accor, there are brand-specific benefits at Fairmont, Swissôtel, MGallery, Sofitel, Mercure, Raffles, Pullman, and JO&JOE.

As an ALL elite member, you’ll receive brand-specific benefits at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler

What’s more, ALL’s elite benefits go beyond hotel stays; there are also other perks, such as discounts on specialized luggage delivery and airport lounge visits.

Let’s take a look at the notable benefits at each of Accor Live Limitless’ elite status levels.

Silver: 10 Status Nights or 2,000 Status points

The Silver status level doesn’t come with too much in the way of elite benefits. At this level, you’ll receive a welcome drink when you arrive for your stay, and you’ll have access to late check-out, which is subject to availability.

You’ll also receive a 13% discount at Priority Pass airport lounges.

At the Silver elite level, late check-out is the best benefit offered, and it’s notable because late check-out isn’t normally offered to the lowest elite tier within a hotel loyalty program.

With late check-out, you can get the most out of your hotel stay, and your vacation, as you can travel around without stressing about having to immediately check-out in the morning, or you can choose to take advantage of the hotel amenities for longer on the day you leave.

Gold: 30 Status Nights or 7,000 Status points

At the Gold status level, you’ll receive all the same benefits as at the Silver status level, plus early check-in and a room upgrade to the next room category (subject to availability).

Gold status members will also receive an amenity at most Accor hotels and a guaranteed room three days before arrival.

Additionally, Gold members receive a 14% discount at Priority Pass airport lounges.

It’s important to note that most of the benefits at the Gold level aren’t ‌guaranteed, with even the “guaranteed room” benefit being subject to hotel blackout dates.

Fortunately, Accor publishes all blackout dates on their website, and you can check for yourself to see if the “guaranteed room” you want to book is available or not.

At the Gold elite tier, the room upgrade benefit is the best on the list, as getting an unexpected room upgrade can certainly enhance your stay.

Platinum: 60 Status Nights or 14,000 Status points

ALL’s Platinum members can enjoy all the benefits offered at the Silver and Gold levels plus a good deal more. In fact, the Platinum elite status level is where perks start to get a lot more interesting.

One of the most interesting elite benefits at this level is the offer of a free medical tele-consultation during your stay.

If you’re a Platinum elite status member or higher, you’ll have access to a free tele-consultation with a doctor through AXA Medical Solutions, and you can access this appointment from the comfort of your hotel room to address any non-urgent medical needs.

Although not all Accor hotel brands participate in this benefit, most do, and Accor has a list of all the non-participating brands on its website.

When it comes to more traditional benefits, Platinum elite members also have access to hotel executive lounges (excluding Fairmont Gold Lounges) and complimentary breakfast in hotels located in the Asia-Pacific region.

You’ll receive lounge access at some hotels as a Platinum elite member

Additionally, Platinum members also receive a 15% discount at Priority Pass airport lounges.

Lastly, Platinum elite members receive two Suite Night Upgrade certificates, with each certificate guaranteeing an upgrade to a suite for one night.

What’s more, as a Platinum elite member, you can earn additional Suite Night Upgrade certificates for every 4,000 Status points you earn.

At the Platinum level, the best elite benefit really depends on where you’re staying, since the free breakfast is only offered in hotels located in the Asia-Pacific region and the executive lounge access is only available at hotels that have executive lounges (and excludes Fairmont’s Gold Lounges).

Having access to free medical services from the comfort of your hotel room is also a unique perk that you’ll hopefully never need, but it can certainly save you a lot of time, money, and stress in a pinch.

Diamond: 26,000 Status points

ALL’s Diamond elite status level is the highest status tier available. However, unlike the other status tiers, you can’t reach Diamond status by earning Status Nights.

The only way to reach Diamond status is by earning 26,000 Status points, which requires spending approximately €10,400 at Accor hotels.

As it is the highest tier, Diamond members will enjoy all the benefits offered to the lower levels, plus a handful of additional perks.

For one, complimentary breakfast is available to all Diamond members at hotels in the Asia-Pacific region on all days of the week, as well as at all hotels worldwide on the weekends.

Receive free breakfast on the weekends at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge as a Diamond member

While the weekend generally refers to Saturday and Sunday, the free breakfast for Diamond members is on Fridays and Saturdays at properties in Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan, Egypt, Algeria, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, and Comoros.

As an additional perk, as soon as members achieve Diamond elite status, they’ll receive ten €10 credits which can be redeemed for spa treatments or dining purchases at eligible hotels where the member is spending the night.

Diamond members also receive an 18% discount at Priority Pass airport lounges.

Lastly, Diamond elite members can give the gift of ALL Gold elite status to a person of their choice.

At the Diamond status tier, the best benefits is likely to be the free breakfast; however, this benefit only comes into play if your stay happens to be at a hotel in the Asia-Pacific region or if it falls on a weekend.


The Accor Live Limitless loyalty program isn’t as popular as other hotel loyalty programs in North America, but there are still some decent benefits to be had.

Despite the benefits not being very impressive at the lower Silver and Gold elite tiers, once the Platinum and Diamond levels are accessed, members can enjoy free complimentary breakfast, suite upgrades, and the unique benefit of having access to free medical consultations from the comfort of their hotel room.

If you often stay at one of Accor’s 40+ hotel brands, you’ll certainly be able to enjoy a great deal of benefits through the ALL program.

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  1. MurrayF

    worth mentioning that Diamond has just become 100% points bonus from the previous 75%. At 100% that a consistant 10% in value you get back in points on each hotel stay.

    Also from what I have read the Diamond weekend breakfast has so many carve-outs in Europe that it pretty worthless there.

    Also good to mention Accor plus which is very usefull in Asia/pacific travel along with the 20 nights and automatic silver status. I know Accor gets little visibility in the USA due to low coverage but in Europe/Asia/Pacific its very worthwhile.

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