Status Match from Aeroplan Elite Status to VIPorter

Porter Airlines has announced a new status match campaign that targets travellers with Aeroplan Elite Status.

Those with existing status with Air Canada, or who have earned at least 5 Status Qualifying Segments (SQS) this year, are entitled to match with an equivalent tier with Porter’s VIPorter loyalty program.

This campaign comes as Porter continues to expand its footprint across Canada with its ongoing delivery of Embraer E195-E2 aircraft operating out of Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ).

VIPorter Status Match with Aeroplan Elite Status

VIPorter has launched its latest status match campaign

This time, the airline is targetting passengers with Aeroplan Elite Status, or who have earned various amounts of Status Qualifying Segments so far this year.

The equivalent tiers to match based on status or SQS are broken down as follows:

  • VIPorter Passport will be awarded to anyone with proof of 5 SQS.
  • VIPorter Venture will be awarded to anyone with proof of Aeroplan 25K status or 8–15 SQS.
  • VIPorter Ascent will be awarded to anyone with proof of Aeroplan 35K status or 16–27 SQS.
  • VIPorter First will be awarded to anyone with proof of Aeroplan 50K status or higher, as well as 28+ SQS.

If you already hold status with Air Canada, or if you’ve earned over 5 SQS so far this year, and plan on flying with Porter Airlines before the end of the year, don’t miss the opportunity to score a higher tier of status and some extra benefits along your travels.

Furthermore, in the terms and conditions on the status match landing page, it’s mentioned that you may even be able to status match if your Aeroplan Elite Status expired on December 31, 2022.

Special consideration may be given to applications whose status expired on December 31, 2022 if they provide sufficient proof.

Considering that it’s possible to earn Aeroplan 25K status through Everyday Status Qualification, and it’s also possible to earn Status Qualifying Segments through spending on an Aeroplan co-branded credit card, this opportunity is one of the easiest ways to qualify for status with Porter.

If approved, your equivalent VIPorter status will last until December 31, 2023. 

To take advantage of the status match, you must:

  • Sign up for a VIPorter account if you haven’t already.
  • Head to the landing page, enter your information, and upload proof of status or SQS
  • Wait up to three weeks for approval.

Be sure to send your application in by the deadline on September 6, 2023.

Extend Your VIPorter Status

Once your status match has been approved, you have until December 31, 2023 to work towards extending it through to December 31, 2024. 

To renew your tier, you must earn the following amounts of Qualifying Spend (QS):

  • $500 (CAD) in Qualifying Spend to extend VIPorter Passport
  • $750 (CAD) in Qualifying Spend to extend VIPorter Venture
  • $1,500 (CAD) in Qualifying Spend to extend VIPorter Ascent
  • $2,500 (CAD) in Qualifying Spend to extend VIPorter First

It’s worth noting that the Qualifying Spend thresholds needed to extend your status are 75% less than the usual requirement, which makes this promotion a relatively easy way to earn and maintain status on Porter Airlines through 2024.

Furthermore, every dollar spent on Porter (excluding taxes and fees) counts towards your membership level, including the base fare, checked baggage fees, and more. Even booking Porter’s lowest fares will count towards your status level.

What Are the Benefits of VIPorter Status?

Porter Airlines is an all-economy carrier with no business class cabin, even on its new Embraer E195-E2 jets. Therefore, VIPorter status may not be powerful as holding elite status with, say, Air Canada’s Aeroplan, but it still does have its perks, especially for commuters who fly with Porter often.

Porter flies all-economy cabins

The benefits of VIPorter status include the following:

  • Earning VIPorter points per dollar spent on Porter flights (6x points for Passport and Venture, 7x points for Ascent and First)
  • Free carry-on bag (Venture and higher)
  • Free checked bags (one for Venture, two for Ascent and First)
  • Free seat selection (including PorterClassic Stretch seats for Ascent and First)
  • Priority check-in, security, boarding, and standby
  • Dedicated call centre service
  • PorterReserve upgrade certificates upon reaching spend thresholds
  • Free same-day changes (Ascent and First only)

Again, you’d stand to benefit the most if you commute or travel frequently with Porter through its base at Toronto Billy Bishop Airport (YTZ), or out of Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ).

However, even if you only plan to fly with Porter occasionally, you’d still get to save money on complimentary seat selection, carry-on, and checked bags — all of which Porter would otherwise charge extra for.

As a reminder, Porter has been rapidly expanding its network across Canada as it takes delivery of more Embraer E195-E2 jets. By the end of September, Porter will fly from Toronto Pearson to the following destinations with its new jets:

  • Calgary
  • Edmonton
  • St. John’s
  • Vancouver
  • Victoria
  • Winnipeg

Furthermore, Porter operates flights from Ottawa to Edmonton and Vancouver.


Porter Airlines is offering a status match opportunity for passengers with Aeroplan Elite Status, or who have earned at least 5 SQS, to match their status with VIPorter. Until December 31, 2023, you can take advantage of its status benefits, and you can also work towards extending your status through 2024.

VIPorter perks include free seat selection, carry-on bags, and checked bags, for which Porter normally charges. Plus, you’ll also get priority check-in, security, boarding, and standby.

If you have upcoming flights with Porter for the rest of the year and hold Aeroplan Elite Status, or earned at least 5 SQS, be sure to send in your application by the deadline on September 6, 2023.

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  1. Fred

    For the spend amount required to extend status — Does that count amounts I already spent this year?

    Example — If I got matched into Venture, and I already spent $400 earlier in the year… and spent another $400 after getting the match for a total of $800, will I requalify for Venture next year?

    Or, do I have to do the full spend _after_ the status match regardless of any spend already done earlier?

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