Video: Emirates 777 New First Class, The World’s Best

I’ve finally gotten around to putting together the First Class review video from my life-changing flight on Emirates 777 New First Class from back in June.

To be honest, the right words don’t really exist to describe how spectacular of a flight this was. From the floor-to-ceiling enclosed suite, to the mind-blowing virtual windows in the middle seat, to the bottomless Dom Perignon 2008 and Dom Rosé 2006, to the “zero gravity mode” seat position, to the ability to order room service via video chat…

…sorry, where was I?! Guess I zoned out a bit there daydreaming about Emirates 777 New First Class.

For my return journey from the Middle East, I had actually booked THREE flights on Emirates First Class – including both the new 777 and the old A380 product, with the shower in the sky – for a total of 150,000 Alaska miles, and you can check out this post for a recap of the booking process.

And without further ado, it’s time for the video:

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  1. Aleks

    Love the video intro photo haha! Ricky is there any other way to get to fly Emirates first class besides Alaska?

    1. Ricky YVR

      Yep, JAL Mileage Bank – earned through transferring points from Marriott Bonvoy – would be your best bet.

      1. Aleks

        Do you have a JAL Mileage Bank guide by any chance? I searched couldn’t find one.

    2. Jay

      JL’s FF program.

  2. Bing

    Holy fuck

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