Video: Alone in Air France La Première

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I had the pleasure of checking off a major bucket list item by flying Air France La Première from Paris to San Francisco.

Here’s the full review from the incredible La Première ground experience in Paris and the blissful 12-hour flight across the Atlantic.

Without further ado, you can watch the video below:


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  1. Pete

    Any idea how long the bed is?
    I’m 6’7” and if I’m going to drop that kind of coin I’d want to be sure I fit. Haha

  2. nouak


  3. Sean

    Well done! I’d need a wheelbarrow to cart me off the plane after that. Looked wonderful!

  4. ben senise

    wow, ricky, i’m very impressed with your french!
    i have been feeling a bit down in the dumps with regards to travel but this video has given me inspiration to jump back into the game with both feet. i’ve flown first on BA, LH, and CX. now i will add AF to the list somehow. excellent video.

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