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In October 2022, I had the pleasure of visiting the British Isles with one of my best friends.

Because I am inveterate schemer who is morally and monetarily opposed to paying the Air Passenger Duty (APD) on flights out of the United Kingdom, and also because I have some interest in Irish history, I did what any self-respecting tax dodger would do and opted to go to Ireland.

This meant that our trip concluded on the Emerald Isle, and we departed for our home countries from Dublin Airport, therefore avoiding the APD.

Despite feeling slightly under the weather due to a rather late night on the eve of my departure, I wasn’t about to miss a chance to visit the T2 Lounge Dublin Airport prior to my flight.

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T2 Lounge Dublin Airport – Access

When you enter Dublin Airport, you’ll usually be dropped off at Terminal 1 for departing international flights. The airport is often bustling, even early in the morning, and so it took a while to clear security.

After going through the security motions, I realized that Terminal 2 was still quite a distance to walk, which wasn’t aided by the rather lacklustre terminal maps of Dublin Airport provided online.

Then again, I wasn’t in the best physical condition the morning of my flight, so perhaps that made me a bit more sluggish.

Once the trudge to the lounge from Terminal 1 was over, I had to do a double-take, because the T2 Lounge is located next to two other lounges. To make matters more confusing, one lounge is associated with the airport itself (in the case of the East Lounge), and the other is with the airport’s flagship carrier Aer Lingus (in the case of the eponymous lounge).

The T2 Lounge Dublin Airport is located on the same level as the 400 gates, in a corridor that is home to the other lounges. 

I saw more than one confused customer being gently turned away by the T2 Lounge staff, only to stumble into the next lounge where their boarding pass or other proof of entry was permitted.

T2 Lounge Dublin Airport – Access
T2 Lounge Dublin Airport – Entrance

Fortunately, we were able to locate the T2 Lounge, which helpfully included a list of its preferred partners on the door outside. With a quick swipe of my Priority Pass card, which comes as a benefit with my American Express Platinum Card, I was able to gain entrance for both myself and a guest without issue.

The lounge is open from 5am–7pm daily, so be aware that you may have to look elsewhere if your flight departs later in the evening.

T2 Lounge Dublin Airport – Check-in desk

I’d also like to take a moment to acknowledge the helpful staff: the lady at the front desk had a perfect grasp on every program that contained lounge access, and how many guest(s) each could bring in.

Therefore, if you’re carrying multiple credit cards with lounge access, and happen to have family members or friends you want to bring in, the front desk staff can help you optimize your benefits. Little bonuses to service like this always stand out to me, and we must give credit where it is due.

T2 Lounge Dublin Airport – Seating

What can be said about the seating and amenities that hasn’t been stated before? If you’re a frequent flyer, or even an occasional airport lounge guest, then you probably know what I’m referring to.

There were a few private meeting areas off to the side, which felt a bit cloistered, so I opted to go to the more open public areas.

T2 Lounge Dublin Airport – Meeting room

The seating consists of plush chairs and couches, with the occasional swivel-back thrown in. The colours are drab pastel shades, which hinted at a desire to be visually pleasing without being daring or unique.

T2 Lounge Dublin Airport – Seating
T2 Lounge Dublin Airport – Seating
T2 Lounge Dublin Airport – Seating

Nothing here screamed ultra-luxurious elegance, but it sure as heck beats anything available to the public outside the lounge. The seating was comfortable and plentiful, even though the actual size of the lounge was on the small side.

There was also a small business centre area with a printer, should you need to print documents. Noticeably absent from the room was a computer, which was supposedly away for repairs.

T2 Lounge Dublin Airport – Business centre
T2 Lounge Dublin Airport – Business centre seating

Wi-Fi was provided free of charge and I found it to be quite fast, which is crucial for business travellers and digital nomads alike.

When I visited the lounge, the only available restrooms were accessible rooms, though apparently if these were occupied, other restrooms weren’t too far away outside the lounge.

T2 Lounge Dublin Airport – Dining & Bar

Foodstuffs and drinks were both served along the same open-topped buffet located just to the side of the public seating area. The selection wasn’t particularly varied, but neither was it awful given the lounge’s smaller size.

T2 Lounge Dublin Airport – Buffet area
T2 Lounge Dublin Airport – Buffet area

There was a lot of sugar- and carbohydrate-dense foods to choose from, and while I am usually an enormous fan of both types of sustenance, I was left wanting for something hot for breakfast, such as eggs or perhaps some ham.

While buffet food quality can be a concern, I was pleased to see that it was constantly being topped up. For example, dishes like the porridge were being agitated to prevent it from developing that tasteless thin film at the top, which those of us used to consuming lounge breakfast food may have often resigned ourselves to tolerating.

I made a note of this because the lounge was virtually empty, and yet the staff were again trying to maintain a decent level of stock and freshness, which is always a good sign.

On the beverage front, there were cold self-serve fruit juices, as well as a fridge full of non-alcoholic drinks.

T2 Lounge Dublin Airport – Beverage fridge

There was also an espresso machine, though I didn’t partake this time. I’d seen similar machines in England, and felt that the quality of the coffee wasn’t worth the effort.

T2 Lounge Dublin Airport – Beverage selection

Of course, there was also draft beer, house wines, and a variety of hard liquor on display, and all of it was available self-serve. Despite it being before 10am, all alcoholic beverages were on offer to travellers, which was a nice relief from North America where service hours can sometimes by arbitrarily limited.

T2 Lounge Dublin Airport – Wine & liquor selection
T2 Lounge Dublin Airport – Chilled wine & beer selection

I opted for a breakfast of Guinness and oatmeal, and have rarely felt so invigorated.


Overall, my time at the T2 Lounge Dublin Airport was good, but unremarkable. This lounge is an excellent option for those wishing to bring in multiple friends or family members across a wide range of lounge access programs, and the food and drink were passable.

I found the service to be much better than one might expect at a lounge like this, especially given its relative emptiness.

However, there was nothing that stood out or “wowed” me per se, so if you’re travelling in a premium cabin from Dublin, another lounge located just next to this one might provide a more luxurious or memorable experience.

  1. Patrick Stapleton

    Ireland is not part of the British Isles. Is Canada part of America?

  2. Euro Traveller YYZ

    Thanks Kirin. We will be there in late June using some of our Avios and avoiding some taxes. Flying Aer Lingus BRU – DUB – YYZ with a couple of hours to take advantage of this lounge. Hopefully the Business Class meal will make up for the lacklustre offering in the lounge.

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