United Arab Emirates Travel

Booked: Bye Bye Bonvoy, Hello Sunshine!
Insights Mar 15, 2022

We’re busy getting set for our upcoming luxury trip to the Maldives and the United Arab Emirates after a rainy...

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Booked: Flying Dutchman, Bahraini, and Omani
Insights Feb 6, 2022

My 2022 travels are under way, and I’m delighted to be back in a part of the world whose layers...

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International Travel Again: A Fulfilling Family Trip to Dubai
Guides Jan 5, 2022

Dubai might not be on everyone’s radar as a top family vacation spot, but it has now become one of...

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Parents Gone Wild: Emirates First Class Extravaganza and a Day in Dubai
Guides Oct 4, 2021

Our trip to the Seychelles began with flying the Emirates First Class extravaganza, running into border issues, and an action-packed...

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The Decadence & Delight of Dubai
Guides Oct 22, 2019

Indulgent, decadent, and extravagant, Dubai is the world’s capital of sheer excess, and I spent a few days casually exploring...

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