South East Asia 2023

Review: Air France 777 New Business Class Paris to New York
May 10, 2023

Air France's new business class product is truly exceptional, with cutting-edge technology, sliding doors, and a host of thoughtful French...

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Review: Cathay Pacific Business Class Hong Kong to Paris
May 8, 2023

Cathay Pacific business class is beginning to fall behind as a competitive product, including food and service that came in...

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Review: The Pier Business Class Lounge by Cathay Pacific
May 3, 2023

The Pier Business Class Lounge by Cathay Pacific is a well-appointed lounge with multiple mouthwatering food stations and unique relaxation...

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Review: Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong
Apr 28, 2023

The Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong is a historic hotel with a host of excellent dining venues and top-tier service, though...

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Review: Island Shangri-La Hong Kong
Apr 25, 2023

The Island Shangri-La Hong Kong features sizeable new- and old-style rooms, a remarkable breakfast buffet, and first-rate dining establishments.

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Review: Four Seasons Hong Kong
Apr 20, 2023

The Four Seasons is a premier luxury accommodation in Hong Kong, with a prime location, captivating harbour views, and extensive...

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Review: Singapore Airlines 777 First Class Singapore to Hong Kong
Apr 15, 2023

Singapore Airlines 777 First Class may not quite compare to A380 Suites Class, but still offers exceptional food, drink, and...

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Review: The Private Room by Singapore Airlines
Apr 12, 2023

The newly refurbished Singapore Airlines Private Room boasts exceptional interiors, top-notch à la carte dining options, and attentive, polished service.

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Review: Four Seasons Singapore
Apr 11, 2023

The Four Seasons Singapore offers recently renovated rooms, numerous fine-dining venues, and outstanding service, though the public spaces are a...

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Review: St. Regis Singapore
Apr 6, 2023

The St. Regis Singapore boasts a classic, old-school grandiosity, and comes with excellent service and an outstanding breakfast buffet.

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