British Airways

Review: British Airways A350 Business Class Toronto to London
Reviews Mar 17, 2023

British Airways's A350-1000 Club Suites business class is sleek and modern, offering passengers a competitive hard product alongside a mixed...

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British Airways Lowers Cost of Transferring Avios Between Accounts
News Jan 12, 2023

British Airways has drastically reduced the price for transferring Avios between accounts, which now costs just £15 ($20 USD) per...

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British Airways Avios Adds “Reward Flight Saver” to Long-Haul Flights
News Dec 7, 2022

British Airways has introduced Reward Flight Saver pricing to long-haul flights, making premium cabin travel with British Airways a more...

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Review: British Airways Galleries South Club Lounge London
Reviews Oct 15, 2022

The British Airways Galleries South Club Lounge is a sprawling lounge with many seating areas, a large buffet, plenty of...

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The Best Credit Cards with Companion Fares
Guides Aug 30, 2022

Companion vouchers are a perk offered by some credit cards, which can be useful to reduce the cost of cash...

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How to Search and Book British Airways Avios Award Flights
Guides Aug 9, 2021

The British Airways search engine can get quite inefficient at times. Here's a refresher on the best ways to locate...

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50% Discount on British Airways Avios Awards!
Deals Oct 6, 2020

For one week only, British Airways Avios is offering a promotion that gives you up to a 50% discount on...

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Transferring British Airways Avios to Iberia Avios
Guides Feb 24, 2020

You can unlock quite a few compelling sweet spots by taking advantage of a little-known opportunity to transfer British Airways...

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Review: British Airways 787 Business Class Montreal to London
Reviews Nov 14, 2019

T.J. shares his recent experience onboard the British Airways 787 business class service between Montreal and London. Is it worth...

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