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Booked: Revenge Travel Part 2, Electric Boogaloo
Travel Talk May 17, 2022

Josh embarks on his first major points redemption since the COVID-19 pandemic, with plans to visit Dubai, Turkey, and Georgia.

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Booked: May 2022 Travel Restart
Travel Talk May 7, 2022

I'm kicking off "revenge travel season" in style this month en route to the Maldives, Turkey, and more – by...

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Booked: Malaysia, Truly Asia
Travel Talk Apr 10, 2022

I'm headed to Malaysia for my first leisure trip to Asia since the onset of the pandemic. I'm excited about...

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Booked: Bye Bye Bonvoy, Hello Sunshine!
Travel Talk Mar 15, 2022

We’re busy getting set for our upcoming luxury trip to the Maldives and the United Arab Emirates after a rainy...

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Booked: A Careful COVID Colombian Caper
Travel Talk Feb 21, 2022

Josh embarks on his first international trip since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. He's off to Colombia for three...

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Booked: Alila Ventana de Oportunidad
Travel Talk Feb 19, 2022

I’m off to California for Family Day long weekend, having snagged a three-night booking at Alila Ventana Big Sur thanks...

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Booked: Flying Dutchman, Bahraini, and Omani
Travel Talk Feb 6, 2022

My 2022 travels are under way, and I’m delighted to be back in a part of the world whose layers...

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Booked: Spontaneous Europe
Travel Talk Dec 8, 2021

I'm currently on a rather spontaneous week-long jaunt through Europe, which is my first time back in this part of...

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Booked: A Private Island Escapade
Travel Talk Nov 5, 2021

I’ve worked up quite an appetite for my next international trip, so I’m very excited to be heading down to...

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Booked: A Humble Homebound Journey
Travel Talk Apr 23, 2021

I’ll be embarking on my first international trip of 2021, en route back to China for the next little while...

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