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Virgin Atlantic Will Join SkyTeam in 2023
Travel Talk Sep 27, 2022

In early 2023, Virgin Atlantic will become the sole UK-based airline in SkyTeam, marking the first new airline to the...

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Air Canada Orders New ES-30 Electric Aircraft
Miles & Points Sep 15, 2022

Air Canada has purchased 30 ES-30 electric-hybrid aircraft from Swedish manufacturer Heart Aerospace, to be deployed on commuter routes from...

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What Are Minimum Connection Times?
Miles & Points Aug 31, 2022

Minimum connection times are the least amount of time required for you to get between two flights in any particular...

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Canada Jetlines Delays Launch to September 22
Travel Talk Aug 26, 2022

Canada Jetlines has announced a delay from August 29 to September 22 for its initial launch date, when it will...

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What Are Fifth Freedom Flights?
Miles & Points Aug 24, 2022

Fifth freedom flights are operated between two countries by an airline from a third country, and they can often be...

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Air Canada Launches New Montreal–Copenhagen Route
Miles & Points Aug 10, 2022

Air Canada will fly from Montreal to Copenhagen five times weekly as of June 2023, which will be the airline's...

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Air Canada Launches New Vancouver–Miami Route
Miles & Points Jul 21, 2022

Air Canada will launch thrice-weekly flights from Vancouver to Miami as of December 17, opening up new southbound travel options...

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Air Canada Will Restart Vancouver–Osaka Route (New Aeroplan Sweet Spot!)
Miles & Points Jun 23, 2022

Air Canada has loaded direct flights from Vancouver to Osaka next June, showing their intent to restart this route for...

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Air Canada Launches New Routes to Bangkok and Mumbai
Miles & Points Jun 20, 2022

Air Canada has announced a set of two new direct flights to Asia for the Winter 2023 season: Vancouver–Bangkok and...

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Royal Jordanian Launches New Toronto Route
Miles & Points Mar 8, 2022

Royal Jordanian Airlines will operate flights to Toronto three times per week, beginning in June 2022. This is the airline's...

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