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April 2023

After a short positioning flight from Vancouver on Air Canada, my wife Ashley and I arrived in Seattle with a few hours to kill before our flight to Istanbul.

Our flight departed from the S Concourse; however, the lounge options there were quite limited, and we opted to check out the newly renovated Centurion Lounge Seattle instead.

We’ve both had pleasant experiences with Centurion Lounges in the past, and we were hopeful to keep the streak going with this visit.

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Centurion Lounge Seattle – Entry & Access

The Centurion Lounge at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is located in the Main Terminal. It’s open from 5am–10pm daily.

After making your way to the Main Terminal after security or from a connecting flight, you’ll arrive at a circular concourse with a variety of shops and a food court. The Centurion Lounge is located above the restaurants on the mezzanine level, which is on Level 6.

The glass elevator which takes you to the lounge is located just beside a row of restaurants. There’s also a staircase next to it, if you’re looking to get some extra steps in.

Centurion Lounge Seattle – Access
Centurion Lounge Seattle – Entrance
Centurion Lounge Seattle – Staircase access

The lounge is quite easy to spot with the signature American Express greenery wall, and the glowing blue-and-white sign that adorns the entrance.

Centurion Lounge Seattle – Check-in desk

I enjoyed access with my Canadian issued Business Platinum Card from American Express. I was able to grant access to my wife as well, since Canadian-issued Platinum Cards aren’t subject to the guest restrictions present on the US-issued Platinum Cards.

You can access the Centurion Lounge Seattle with an American Express Platinum Card, Business Platinum Card from American Express, or American Express Centurion Card issued in any country. Furthermore, cardholders of the Delta SkyMiles Reserve and Delta SkyMiles Reserve Business American Express Cards enjoy entry to lounges in the US, UK, and Hong Kong prior to a Delta-operated flight.

Fortunately, there wasn’t much of a line when we arrived, which seems to be a persistent problem at other Centurion Lounges in the network.

Once I handed over my card and our boarding passes, we headed inside for a few hours to relax before our flight to Istanbul.

Centurion Lounge Seattle – Signage

Centurion Lounge Seattle – Seating

Immediately after entering the lounge, you’ll walk past a separate seating area reserved exclusively for Centurion Cardholders.

Centurion Lounge Seattle – Seating for Centurion Cardholders
Centurion Lounge Seattle – Seating for Centurion Cardholders

Just to the right is another seating area, with an archway of lights, which gives the impression of sitting under the stars. In the far end of this area are some high-top seats that overlook the nearby apron.

Centurion Lounge Seattle – Seating
Centurion Lounge Seattle – High-top seating

As you move through the barista and smoothie station into the middle of the lounge, you’ll pass by smaller coffee tables and chairs, and walls decorated with framed photos of famous Seattle musicians. This was a nice touch, and added some local flair to the lounge.

Centurion Lounge Seattle – Seating

After you pass through the dining area to the back of the lounge, you’ll find the primary seating area.

This part of the lounge tastefully contrasts wooden elements with more modern furnishings and flooring, as seen in some of the more modern Centurion Lounges in the US.

Centurion Lounge Seattle – Seating
Centurion Lounge Seattle – Seating

There’s a wide assortment of different seating arrangements here, which can accommodate everyone from solo travellers, to couples and families.

Centurion Lounge Seattle – Seating
Centurion Lounge Seattle – Seating

The interior wall is occupied by a row of booth seats, perfect for a small group. Another wall features single-seat booths, each with its own bistro table, ideal for solo travellers.

In the centre of the room are comfortable recliners, surrounded by high partitions to give a sense of privacy.

Centurion Lounge Seattle – Seating
Centurion Lounge Seattle – Seating

Along the windows at the rear of the lounge, there are small armchairs with tables, perfect for couples looking to grab a bite together.

Centurion Lounge Seattle – Seating
Centurion Lounge Seattle – Seating

Overall, you should be able to find a perfect spot at the Centurion Lounge Seattle, depending on what you’re looking for. I appreciated how the lounge was set up, with the dining area in the middle, and the seating areas on either flank. 

While the lounge wasn’t too busy during my visit, nor in subsequent visits since then, I can imagine that seating could be harder to come by during periods of peak occupancy.

Centurion Lounge Seattle – Dining

There are two primary stations for dining at the Centurion Lounge Seattle: the barista station, and the buffet area.

Just after the bar, you’ll pass by the barista station, which serves up made-to-order specialty coffees, including cold brew.

Centurion Lounge Seattle – Barista station

Depending on the time of day you visit, you can also score some food at this station. In the morning, pop by for some pastries, fresh fruit, and bowls, and in the afternoon and evening, enjoy a sandwich, bowl, kale chips, or a made-to-order smoothie.

Centurion Lounge Seattle – Barista station menu
Centurion Lounge Seattle – Barista station pre-made food selection

The main buffet area is in the middle of the lounge. En route between the barista station and the main buffet area, you’ll pass by a small seating area, and then a row of bench seats line one of the walls just opposite from the buffet.

Centurion Lounge Seattle – Dining area seating
Centurion Lounge Seattle – Dining area seating

The food selection at the Centurion Lounge Seattle isn’t the most diverse, but there’s still enough variety to appease most tastes.

Centurion Lounge Seattle – Buffet area

The hot buffet area features your typical lounge food staples, such as soup, roasted vegetables, rice, and a protein, but they’re a bit elevated at the Centurion Lounge. Each tray of food looked delicious, and I had no complaints about any of the options that I tried.

The pastry assortment is definitely on the smaller side, but all items on offer looked quite tasty.

If you’re not in the mood for a specialty coffee, you can help yourself to a selection of drip coffee and tea, located on either side of the buffet area.

Centurion Lounge Seattle – Coffee & tea station
Centurion Lounge Seattle – Coffee and tea station

We loaded up our plates, grabbed a cocktail, and set up shop in the rear corner of the lounge. We decided to eat early on in our stay, so we could then be ready to dine onboard with Turkish Airlines’s excellent catering.

Centurion Lounge Seattle – Lunch spread

Centurion Lounge Seattle – Bar

The bar area has a very welcoming ambience, and is open all day.

It’s situated just after the main entrance, right beside the Centurion Cardholders seating area.

It’s decorated primarily with wood and brown tones, and it evokes a warm, rustic impression.

Centurion Lounge Seattle – Bar

We decided to pop by the bar for a cocktail after we had lunch and wrapped up some work and emails.

The bar features solid beer, wine, and cocktail menus, with a nice selection of local brews and an intriguing menu of cocktails, most of which pay homage to the city of Seattle with their creative names.

Centurion Lounge Seattle – Cocktail menu

It’s always nice to be in a lounge that goes above and beyond “the usual suspects” in drink offerings, with craft beer and bespoke cocktails available. We ordered the Matcha Tonic and the Macrobiotic Buck, which features kombucha from a local brewery.

Centurion Lounge Seattle – Matcha Tonic cocktail
Centurion Lounge Seattle – Macrobiotic Buck cocktail

Centurion Lounge Seattle – Other Facilities

There are restrooms within the lounge, near the buffet area, which are brightly lit and quite spacious. Shower rooms are also available, tucked away in a corner by the buffet area, with bookings done at the front desk on a first-come, first-served basis.

A co-working table in the rear flank of the lounge allows for teams to get work done together. The lounge also comes with free Wi-Fi.

Centurion Lounge Seattle – Wi-Fi

Finally, if you need to take a work call, the Centurion Lounge Seattle has thoughtfully provided a couple of small phone booths in the back of the lounge. These offer a more discreet space for important conversations, without having to disturb other lounge guests.

Centurion Lounge Seattle – Phone room


The newly renovated Centurion Lounge at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is a solid lounge, which is worth the trek to visit from other parts of the airport.

There’s something in the lounge for everyone, including a variety of seating areas for working, socializing, or just relaxing prior to a flight.

You’ll also be treated to a curated beer, wine, and cocktail selection, made-to-order coffee, and an elevated, albeit smaller, buffet area.

As long as you don’t encounter a huge lineup, be sure to pop by the Centurion Lounge Seattle before your next flight.

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    food quality is not as good as before – do you guys agree or disagree?

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