Bamboo Airways Ends Long-Haul Flights

Vietnam-based Bamboo Airways has announced that it’s charting a new course and restructuring its operations. As part of the restructuring, Bamboo Airways has decided to end its long-haul flights, and will focus on domestic routes and short-haul flights within South East Asia instead.

As a reminder, Bamboo Airways is an Aeroplan partner airline, and this news also marks the loss of a lie-flat redemption option for long-haul flights.

Bamboo Airways Ends Long-Haul Flights

On October 23, 2023, the airline posted an official announcement about its plan to restructure, which has also resulted in the appointment of a new CEO.

Over the last few days, Bamboo Airways has also been removing long-haul flights from its schedule. 

The airline, which officially launched operations in January 2019, has been struggling to generate revenue lately, and lost $722 million in 2022 alone. There were also reports that it was even having difficulties paying its pilots. 

We now know that Bamboo Airways is doing away with long-haul flights altogether, which will include parting ways with its existing Boeing 787 Dreamliners, and finding ways out of the remainder of its order of 17 more Dreamliners.

Bamboo Airways is ending long-haul flights on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner

At the present, Bamboo Airways is rapidly shutting down its long-haul flights to Sydney, Melbourne, Frankfurt, and London, and as of November 2023, the airline is no longer offering long-haul flights.

It’s worth noting that Bamboo Airways had very ambitious expansion plans, which at one point included multiple flights to North America, as well as expanding to other key destinations in Australia and Europe. 

With the challenges the airline is currently facing, it’s clear that these plans will not come into fruition, as it downsizes its fleet and focuses on the competitive domestic and short-haul markets instead.

If you were booked on a flight with Bamboo Airways that has since been cancelled, you’ll be “assisted in adherence to the airline’s policies and applicable laws”, as per the press release about the restructuring.

Aeroplan Members Lose a Long-Haul Lie-Flat Option

In November 2022, Aeroplan announced Bamboo Airways as its 46th airline partner. Since then, Aeroplan members have been able to earn and redeem points on flights with Bamboo Airways, which until now, included business class flights with lie-flat seats.

Booking award flights with Bamboo Airways was a relatively reliable way to book flights from Frankfurt and London to Asia, including as part of a larger trip from North America.

With Bamboo Airways’s extensive domestic network and flights to key destinations in South East Asia, it was a comfortable, unique way to fly, which included some very interesting mood lighting during meal service.

Bamboo Airways 787 business class will soon become a thing of the past

It was also another option to fly from Asia to Australia – a destination for which finding business class award availability is notoriously difficult. 

With the loss of long-haul flights, Aeroplan members will no longer have Bamboo Airways as an option on these routes.

It’s worth noting that short-haul flights should still be available to book with Aeroplan points; however, with the abundance of ultra-low-cost carriers available in Vietnam, the value proposition isn’t nearly as strong as it was with long-haul flights.

It’s sad to see the loss of a long-haul option to book with Aeroplan points, even if it wasn’t necessarily the most aspirational product out there.


Vietnam-based Bamboo Airways is winding down its long-haul operations, as the airline begins a restructuring process. As of November 2023, Bamboo Airways is no longer offering flights to London, Frankfurt, Melbourne, and Sydney.

For Aeroplan members, this marks the loss of a long-haul partner airline that offered lie-flat seats in business class. Award availability was fairly reliable, and Bamboo Airways offered a unique, comfortable product for long-haul flights.

Bamboo Airways is now focusing on the domestic and short-haul markets instead, and it will be interesting to see if the new direction fares better for the airline than its previous ambitious goals.

  1. KenC YYZ

    I think they will have no problems selling their order slots to other airlines. There is a huge backlog for 787s and Boeing can’t seem to get their act together on production of any of its airplane products.

  2. KenC YYZ

    I had a November flight from Ho Chi Minh to Frankfurt canceled. So I just got a full refund in points and fee back. Do I get more compensation than a full refund? Luckily I found and booked a Thai Airways flight with a stop over in Bangkok. Although I’m a little worried about my tight one hour connection to Frankfurt. Fingers crossed. LOL.

    1. Tommy

      Hi Ken. I booked an Aeroplan redemption for March 2024 SGN-FRA-LIS-YUL. My first leg is on Bamboo. So far I haven’t received any notification from either Aeroplan or Bamboo. What are my options? How did you get your full refund of points and fees back?

      1. KenC YYZ

        Hey Tommy, I was just checking my flight on my Aeroplan app and had a notification that my flight was canceled. First thing I did was check availability of similar flights on points so found the Thai Airways Ho Chi Minh to Bangkok to Frankfurt on the same day and similar points and fee (so lucky!). I then selected my options for the canceled Bamboo flight from the app and just got a full refund of points and fee. Then i booked by alternate Thai Airways flight. It’s curious that you didn’t get a cancelation notice. I suggest you call Aeroplan and get that sorted asap. Maybe they are just canceling the more near term flights as they know it’s not happening for sure and dealing with the longer term bookings later? I’m sure you will eventually get a full refund but I think you should book alternate flights while you still have time given it’s in March 2024. It will give you more options! Good luck!

        1. Tommy

          Thanks Ken, for your info and advice.

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