AIR MILES Receipts Rolls Out Across Canada

In July 2023, AIR MILES debuted a new feature, called AIR MILES Receipts, in Atlantic Canada. By scanning a receipt from a grocery store into the AIR MILES app, collectors could earn bonus AIR MILES on eligible products.

AIR MILES Receipts has now been rolled out nationwide, and it represents a novel way to collect AIR MILES at grocery stores once again.

AIR MILES Receipts Rolls Out Across Canada

AIR MILES has rolled out AIR MILES Receipts across Canada, and collectors can now indirectly earn AIR MILES at a variety of grocery stores nationwide.

AIR MILES enthusiasts can earn bonus AIR MILES by scanning a receipt from an eligible grocery store into the AIR MILES app. If eligible products are listed on the receipt, the member will earn bonus AIR MILES on the purchase accordingly.

To use AIR MILES Receipts, you must install the AIR MILES app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Note that there isn’t a separate AIR MILES Receipt app.

As of the time of writing, AIR MILES Receipts can be found on the home page of the app under “Updates”. Clicking on it will take you to the program’s portal.

On the portal’s home page, you’ll see a list of featured products that you have to purchase to earn bonus AIR MILES. Interestingly, you’ll also see generic items, such as vegetables, cheese, and eggs.

Eventually, we can expect the list to be populated with more products, including many familiar brands. This is the case with competing apps, such as Checkout 51 and Caddle.

As you click on a product, you’ll see the terms and conditions for the offer at the bottom of the page. Also listed are the eligible retailers you may purchase the item from. Be sure to read the terms for each offer to ensure your purchase will qualify for bonus AIR MILES.

When you purchase the items, be sure to keep your paper receipt, as your claim will be based on it. Online receipts aren’t usually accepted.

Log back into the app to snap a photo of the receipt using the app’s built-in camera function, and submit your receipt. Make sure to submit your receipt within 14 days of purchase, so it won’t be voided.

With apps/programs like these, it’s important to keep the full receipt intact, as they’d like to see all the items you’ve purchased, how much in total you’ve paid, and where you did your shopping. Also, keep the receipt at least until the claim has been processed, so if the system rejects your claim the first time, you can make another one.

Your bonus AIR MILES will then be awarded in a few days or weeks. The terms state that it may take up to 120 days for them to be deposited, but with other AIR MILES offers, it usually takes only days or weeks at most.

The list of eligible grocery stores may differ per offer; however, there should be a wide array to choose from.

AIR MILES Is Back in Grocery Stores

After the Empire Company, which owns Sobeys and Safeway, left AIR MILES in favour of Scene+, AIR MILES collectors were dealt a heavy blow. Earning AIR MILES became much more difficult, since grocery stores were one of the easiest ways to accrue them.

However, since BMO’s acquisition of AIR MILES earlier this year, things have been looking up once again for the loyalty program. 

AIR MILES Receipts is just one of the recent developments AIR MILES has rolled out. Recently, the program also revamped its travel portal, while offering lucrative deals to attract Canadians back.

AIR MILES Receipts opens up opportunities for you to double- or even triple-dip rewards at grocery stores, which are already among the most rewarded expenses by credit cards in Canada.

For example, you could use your American Express Cobalt Card to purchase groceries at Sobeys, scan your Scene+ card at the cash register, and submit your receipt to AIR MILES Receipts.

In one go, you could earn points across three programs, including 5x Membership Rewards points with your Amex Cobalt, Scene+ points from in-store promotions, and AIR MILES through AIR MILES Receipts.

If you’d rather pad your AIR MILES balance, you can always use your BMO AIR MILES®† World Elite®* Mastercard®* and earn 2 AIR MILES per $12 spent on grocery purchases.


AIR MILES recently launched the AIR MILES Receipts feature, which allows you to scan your receipts and earn bonus AIR MILES on select products.

This new program opens up opportunities for you to be even more rewarded for your groceries, which already are among the most elevated spend categories by credit cards in Canada. 

It’s great to see AIR MILES come up with innovations like this, as part of what seems to be its revival. We’re eager to see what other new offerings the program will come up with in the near future.

  1. HR

    Don’t get too excited about Airmiles Receipts. I have been using this feature for months now. There are only a dozen or so offers each week. And good luck trying to get two offers from a single receipt. It is nice to have another option to collect AirMiles but don’t expect the ease of Checkout 51.

  2. Sharlene

    I have been trying to quit air miles for over six months. You don’t answer your phones ever. That is the only way you can quit. A phone call.

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