Air Canada Signature Suite Toronto Reopens

Air Canada’s Signature Suite in Toronto Pearson International Airport has reopened after a two year hiatus. This reopening marks another milestone en route to returning to more regular operations.

Let’s have a look at the Signature Suite and how it can be accessed, including on some Aeroplan redemptions.

What Is the Signature Suite?

The Signature Suite is Air Canada’s most exclusive premium lounge, reserved solely for customers travelling in its Signature Class product.

Signature Class is Air Canada’s premium business class product, which is offered on international routes and select routes within North America.

Signature Class may be found on Boeing 767, Boeing 777, Boeing 787, and Airbus A330 aircraft. Access to the Signature Suite, which we’ll cover in detail below, is reserved for passengers travelling to destinations in Europe, Asia, South America, and Oceania.

Air Canada 777 business class – Seat 11A
Air Canada 777 Signature Class

Signature Class is marketed as a premium end-to-end experience for Air Canada passengers. This includes a host of priority airport services, concierge assistance, a BMW chauffeur service, and premium food and beverage offerings both on the ground and onboard.

Part of the Signature Class product is access to the Signature Suites, which are located in Toronto Pearson and Vancouver International airports. The Vancouver Signature Suite is still closed, with tentative plans to open later on this spring.

Signature Suites are meant to be a big step up from Maple Leaf Lounges. Let’s have a look at what they have to offer.

What Does the Signature Suite Offer?

The Air Canada Signature Suite offers a completely refined airport experience. 

Ricky had attended the grand opening of the Vancouver Signature Suite and wrote detailed review of what passengers can expect.

Compared to other lounges, which may be accessed through Aeroplan Elite Status or as a credit card benefit, Signature Suites are reserved mostly for those who have paid for a business class ticket on a long-haul, international Air Canada flight. Since the launch of the revised Aeroplan program, passengers booked on a Business Class (Flexible) or First Class (Flexible) fare also enjoy access to the Signature Suite.

This exclusive access policy weeds out many people who would otherwise be eligible for lounge access. As an exclusive space, visitors are treated to an enhanced experience.

Signature Suites feature unique architecture and design from Canadian designers, including curated artwork and a custom chandelier.

The Signature Suite features à la carte dining with a menu designed by Air Canada’s house chef David Hawksworth. In lieu of the standard fare at Maple Leaf Lounges, you’ll be treated to options such as New Zealand lamb loin, venison carpaccio, spring risotto, and pan-seared branzino. 

There is also a buffet available at all times, for those who don’t have time to sit down and order a meal.

Guests are also treated to signature cocktails designed by on-site mixologists, as well as premium spirits and free-flowing Moët & Chandon champagne. 

The Signature Suite also features a dedicated quiet work space, for those who choose to arrive early and deal with business prior to departure. 

An Air Canada Concierge is available in the Signature Suite to address guest requests, too.

How to Access the Signature Suite

Entrance to the Signature Suite is reserved for a subset of Air Canada’s Signature Class passengers.

On paid tickets, you must have a ticket booked in “J”, “C”, “D”, “Z”, or “P” booking classes. If you’re flying from Toronto Pearson, your destination must be in Asia, Europe, or South America.

The only eligible fare classes to access the Signature Suite on Aeroplan flight rewards is the Business Class (Flexible) fare or the First Class (Flexible) fare. Again, your destination must be in Asia, Europe, or South America if you are departing from Toronto Pearson. 

Business Class (Flexible) will cost you more in points than a Business Class (Lowest) fare, but the enhanced ground experience could indeed justify the price. The difference is usually in the order of around 10,000 points – although this can always change in the future.

Personally, I plan to book one of my redemptions to Europe or Asia this year in Business Class (Flexible) so I can visit the Signature Suite.

All other fare classes and tickets are not eligible for the Signature Suite. To be clear, tickets upgraded to Signature Class using eUpgrades, bid upgrades, Star Alliance Upgrade Awards, and any other ticket will not be deemed admissible to the Signature Suite. 

Signature Suite visitors are not allowed to bring a guest with them, making access even more exclusive. 

In Toronto, the Signature Suite is located in the international departures area close to gate E77. An eligible boarding pass that fits the above criteria grants you access. 


Air Canada’s Signature Suite in Toronto Pearson International Airport has reopened after being closed for the past two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This reopening marks another exciting step towards the return to regular ground operations.

From all indications, the Signature Suite experience is elevated and exclusive. Its relatively restrictive access policy ensures a quiet, sophisticated experience for all who enter.

I hope to visit the Signature Suite on an Aeroplan redemption later this year. Keep an eye out for a thorough review from one of the Prince of Travel team in the very near future.

  1. Ruddy YQB

    I had booked and paid a business class ticket to Frankfurt in C class, and I was denied entry to the signature lounge. The guy at the desk told me I had to have a full business class ticket, i.e. J, not C. Did he erroneously refuse me, or have the requirements changed since this article was written? Thank you very much for your reply.

    1. T.J. YQQ

      If you paid for the ticket in cash (not points), then you should have been granted access.

  2. K

    Would a passenger with a business flex reward to Europe that has a domestic stop (because no direct flight exists) be able to access this lounge? Eg for a YYZ-YUL-Europe flight?

    1. Ricky YVR

      Unfortunately no, as the Signature Suite is located in YYZ international departures.

  3. Thom

    If I have a business flex award, it still has to be flying on AC Metal correct? Ex: a business flex award on EVA Air out of YVR would not allow me access.

    1. T.J. YQQ

      That’s correct – You’ll need to be on an Air Canada flight to have access.

  4. Traveller

    Thank you! Is this available for revenue ticket on Swiss Air?

    1. Rachel YYZ

      You have to be on Air Canada in order to access this lounge.

  5. Nick YYZ

    Thanks for the article TJ! Is this also available for paid codeshare flights through AC?

    Purchased a paid Z from Houston to Toronto (AC), then P from Toronto to Frankfurt (Lufthansa).

    Curious if they’ll honour the P fare on Frankfurt given it’s purchased through AC?

    1. Nick YYZ

      P on Lufthansa.*

  6. WT

    Meh. I think I prefer to go to the Centurion lounges. A few cocktails…pffft. Cute.

  7. tresgènie

    Thank God!! I could not bare another day in the Maple Leaf Lounge. The less-desirables they let in sometimes is unbelievable . At least with the Signature Suite there is slightly better “screening”, so only the proper people are allowed in. It is still not perfect. Every so often some common person sneaks in.

    1. Fullmast Flyer

      I agree. The last time I used the Maple leaf Lounge it had the feel of a British Working Mens Club on a Saturday night. The only thing missing was the Bingo Caller. It was noisy, over crowded and untidy. My last trip, I used the signature lounge. Only ten people in there at lunchtime. It was heaven.

  8. Timbo2

    Wonder if one could book a business class flexible, access the Signature suite very early, enjoy it wares, depart the suite and then cancel your award prior to the two hour window…just wondering..

  9. amboyd

    That unfortunately looks more likely. It was very dark when I was there.

  10. amboyd

    Glad to see the lounges are reopening. On a less exclusive, but related, note any word on when the Air Canada Cafe at Pearson will be reopening? I was off to YHZ a few weeks back, and the Cafe still looked closed at that time. It was 6:15am so maybe that played a part, but thought I’d ask.

    1. CT YOW

      I was in Air Canada Cafe in late January and enjoyed fresh-squeezed orange juice there. So yes, it has been opening for quite a while.

      1. amboyd

        Thanks for the update. Maybe I was there too early. Will be there next week and will check it out!

        1. Ricky YVR

          My understanding is that the AC Cafe was recently affected by water damage from the Plaza Premium Lounge upstairs and so has temporarily closed. Hopefully it’ll reopen soon!

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