How to Access Plaza Premium Lounges

Plaza Premium Group is an independent lounge provider with a presence at most major airports in Canada, and also across the world. 

Fortunately, many financial institutions offer credit cards that come with access to Plaza Premium Lounges, which can be handy for trips close to home and abroad.

In this guide, we’ll look at how you can access Plaza Premium Lounges with credit cards and lounge memberships.

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What Are Plaza Premium Lounges?

Plaza Premium Lounges are the flagship offering of Hong Kong-based Plaza Premium Group, which offers a range of airport hospitality services, such as meet-and-greets, hotels, and lounges.

For the most part, Plaza Premium Lounges welcome all travellers, regardless of airline or cabin, as long as they pay a fee, book online, or enter with an eligible membership.

Plaza Premium Lounges are open to all travellers

Plaza Premium Lounges may also be contracted by airlines to serve premium passengers. For example, British Airways and Cathay Pacific send premium cabin passengers to the Plaza Premium Lounge at Toronto Pearson Terminal 3.

While Plaza Premium Lounges aren’t necessarily the most flashy lounges out there, they offer a decent selection of food, drink, and alcoholic drinks that are included with your entry. In some cases, access to showers and premium alcohol come with a charge.

Where Can You Find Plaza Premium Lounges?

The Plaza Premium Group is present in 250 locations across more than 80 airports worldwide. While many of its lounges are located in Asia, its presence in North America is quite considerable, thanks in part to its lounges in Canada.

Plaza Premium Lounges are present in almost all major Canadian airports

Canada and the US

Plaza Premium has a solid lounge footprint in Canadian airports. As it stands, there are 14 locations across Canada:

Meanwhile, in the US, there currently are just two locations:

  • Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW)
    • Plaza Premium Lounge (Domestic Departures, Terminal E)
  • Orlando International Airport (MCO)
    • Plaza Premium Lounge Orlando (Terminal C)


There are some excellent Plaza Premium Lounges in airports across the world, and the quality tends to be better outside of North America. 

As mentioned, most Plaza Premium Lounges are found in Asia. In Hong Kong (HKG) alone, there are four lounges, including a flagship Plaza Premium First Lounge.

Plaza Premium First Lounge Hong Kong

In the Middle East, there are Plaza Premium Lounges in Amman (AMM), Jeddah (JED), Muscat (MCT), and Dubai (DXB), amongst others.

A full list of available lounges can be found on the Plaza Premium website.

Affiliated Lounges

Aside from its own branded lounges, Plaza Premium Lounge has many affiliated lounges globally. They’re mostly owned and operated by a third party, but they’re included in the Plaza Premium Lounge network. This means that, for the most part, Plaza Premium Lounge access rules apply to them.

Examples include the Avianca Lounges in Colombia, as well as the MERA Business Lounges in Cancún (CUN).

MERA Business Lounge in Cancún (CUN)

Affiliated lounges can be found on the Plaza Premium Lounge website as well.

How Can You Access Plaza Premium Lounges?

With Canadian credit cards, you can access Plaza Premium Lounges three ways:


DragonPass is now the exclusive provider of lounge memberships for Mastercard and Visa cards issued in Canada. For Mastercard, a Dragonpass membership can be found through the Mastercard Travel Pass app, while for Visa, it can be found through the Visa Airport Companion app.

To register for your card’s lounge membership, enter your card details on the respective app or website. More information can be found through your card issuer and the welcome packet you were sent with your card.

Keep in mind that not all cards come with free passes to lounges; many cards charge a standard DragonPass visit fee of $32 (USD) per person. This fee applies whether you enter a Plaza Premium Lounge or another lounge within the DragonPass portfolio.

Whether or not your card comes with free passes is indicated on your app, which also tracks the number of remaining free visits with your card.

Priority Pass

Priority Pass is now only issued to American Express cards in Canada. For a time, Plaza Premium Lounges stopped accepting Priority Pass, which forced Canadian card issuers to shift to DragonPass in the first place.

However, Priority Pass is now accepted in most Plaza Premium Lounges and its affiliated lounges. Note that there are still some exceptions, such as the MERA Business Lounges in Cancún, which only takes DragonPass.

Directly with an American Express Platinum Card

You may also enter Plaza Premium Lounges by having your American Express Platinum Card or Business Platinum Card from American Express swiped directly.

As part of the cards’ lounge benefits, you may enter with one guest for free for an unlimited number of visits. Supplementary cardholders may also bring one guest separately for free.

Since both Platinum Cards also come with a Priority Pass membership, you may choose to enter either of two ways.

Other Ways to Access Plaza Premium Lounges

Aside from credit cards, there are several other ways to access Plaza Premium Lounges.

The most obvious of them is paying for access at the door. Again, Plaza Premium Lounges accept all passengers regardless of airline and cabin class, unless, of course, they’re filled to capacity.

You’ll get a discount on lounge entries by signing up for Plaza Premium Lounge’s loyalty program called Smart Traveller. The program also lets you earn points on your complimentary entries through your credit card, and redeem said points for lounge passes that your friends and family may use.

Aside from walking in, you may also reserve and pay for a visit online. You can make a booking directly on the Plaza Premium Lounge website, or buy a lounge pass from many online travel agencies. Airlines like Air Transat may also offer lounge access as an add-on to a flight.


Plaza Premium is the most prolific independent lounge operator in Canada, with 14 lounges in five airports.

It therefore comes as no surprise that Canadian financial institutions have made sure that their credit cards with lounge privileges are accepted at Plaza Premium Lounges in the country and abroad.

With Canadian credit cards, you may enter Plaza Premium Lounges with a DragonPass membership, a Priority Pass membership, or by directly swiping your American Express Platinum Card or Business Platinum Card from American Express.

While Plaza Premium Lounges may not be the best lounges out there, they certainly beat waiting at the gate with everyone else.

  1. QB

    Having just spent about 4 hours in the Hong Kong airport waiting for my 2 hour delayed flight from YVR, I can assure your readers that the PPL offered “as compensation” for AC fliers bears no resemblance to the picture of the Hong Kong lounge that you reference in the article. The food was limited and very tired, the seating was minimal and not plush – half the seating overlooked the terminal activity (which was probably better than an enclosed dingy space, and to top it off, both men’s urinals had garbage bags covering them. While I would have opted for the Krisflyer lounge Star Alliance Gold lounge, it was only open for about 30 minutes of my delayed stay. I think sitting at the gate, beats the Hong Kong offering in Terminal 3 near gate 60.

    1. QB

      Sorry, make that Terminal 1 not 3 at HKG for Air Canada

  2. Aselwyn

    warning about “Smart Traveler” rewards they seem to be refusing to award them last week (YYZ US T3) in lounge and email support if you use a Priority Pass card to enter. say its against there terms. seems to be a change for 2024

  3. Al

    What about ScotiaBank amex platinum card. It also comes with PP

    1. Ricky YVR

      Good shout, I actually didn’t realize it added Plaza Premium visits in addition to its 10 Priority Pass lounge visits.

  4. Ryan Finn

    Don’t forget the BRIM World Elite MC, it gives a membership in DragonPass 🙂

    1. Ricky YVR

      Thanks so much – Brim World Mastercard as well.

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