9 Canadian Hotels for Redeeming Marriott Free Night Awards

One of the main benefits of the Canadian-issued Marriott Bonvoy American Express Card and the Marriott Bonvoy Business American Express Card is the Free Night Award, which is awarded each year on your cardholder anniversary. 

Each Free Night Award is worth 35,000 Marriott Bonvoy points, and it can be topped up with an additional 15,000 points, for a total possible redemption value of 50,000 points.

In Canada, there are many hotels from coast-to-coast at which you can redeem Free Night Awards for great value.  

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When Should You Redeem a Free Night Award?

When considering whether or not to redeem a Free Night Award, you’ll typically want to ensure that you’re maximizing the points value by booking a night that’d otherwise cost at least 35,000 Bonvoy points (and no fewer).

Then, you’ll also want to consider the corresponding cash price on the same night, which will give you an idea of how much value you’re squeezing out of the Free Night Award.

We currently value Marriott Bonvoy points at 0.8 cents per point (all figures in CAD). Using this metric, you can consider 35,000 points to have a value of around $280. 

Ideally, the night on which you redeem a Free Night Award is worth at least that amount, and perhaps even more. This way, you’d be getting outsized value.

On the other hand, you may decide to use the certificate even if the cash rate falls below the “target price”, since Free Night Awards have a “use-by” date.

As long as it doesn’t go to waste, you’ll get a one-night stay that effectively costs the annual fee of your credit card, which is either $120 or $150.

With all of this in mind, let’s kick off our list of domestic hotels that are suitable for a Free Night Award redemption. From west to east, we have…

1. Marriott Victoria Inner Harbour

With recently refreshed rooms and a location in the heart of Victoria, the Marriott Victoria Inner Harbour would be a great choice to use your free night on a trip to Vancouver Island.

Even during peak travel seasons, the cost caps out at 50,000 points per night. Therefore, you should be able to redeem a Free Night Award here pretty easily throughout the year.

The cash prices at this hotel tend to hover around $250–300 per night in the off-season, and between $300–400 per night during busy travel periods.

You should be able to redeem a Free Night Award for above our target valuation throughout the year; however, you won’t necessarily get outstanding value.

Besides the centrally situated Marriott hotel, Victoria’s Delta Ocean Pointe Resort and Westin Bear Mountain Golf Resort are also priced at around 50,000 points per night or less for much of the year. 

2. Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre

Vancouver is a bit of a tricky city for Free Night Awards, especially in the summer. However, for the fall, winter, and spring, there are a handful of hotels in the downtown core that price out at 50,000 Marriott Bonvoy points or less.

One option with decent availability for Free Night Awards is the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre, which is located right in the heart of the city.

While it doesn’t quite have the same allure as some of the finer hotels in the city, the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre often prices out at around 40,000–45,000 Marriott Bonvoy points from the fall through to the spring.

Cash rates for this hotel usually fall around $300–350 with taxes and fees included. You should be able to get above our target valuation of 0.8 cents per point at this hotel, but don’t expect to get much more than that.

One alternative in Vancouver would be to stay in the Richmond area instead, where there are a handful of airport hotels that also offer convenient access to the city via the SkyTrain.

You might also get lucky with a night at the JW Marriott Parq Vancouver, or its neighbour, The DOUGLAS, Autograph Collection; however, nights that are eligible for a Free Night Award are indeed few and far between at these properties.

3. The Dorian, Autograph Collection

Located east of the Rocky Mountains, Calgary is a great city to base from for a winter ski trip or a summer hiking trip. 

One of the city’s best Marriott properties is The Dorian, Autograph Collection, which opened its doors in July 2022.

Fortunately, redemptions at the property consistently fall under 50,000 points per night, and it makes for a great use of a Free Night Award.

Cash rates at the property are fairly reasonable as well, and often cost less on weekends.

No matter how you pay, you’ll be treated to a very comfortable stay.

The hotel has great design throughout, and if you’re eligible for complimentary breakfast by way of Marriott Bonvoy Elite status, you’re certainly in for a treat.

4. JW Marriott Edmonton ICE District

Ever since it opened in 2019, the JW Marriott Edmonton ICE District has given Edmonton’s hotel scene a major boost.

It’s a particularly attractive option if you’re in the city for a hockey game, concert, or event, since it has a direct connection to the nearby Rogers Centre arena.

Throughout the year, redemption rates at the JW Marriott Edmonton ICE District fall around 35,000 points, making it a perfect option for a Free Night Award.

Compared to cash rates around $300–400 or more, the value on paper isn’t necessarily outstanding, but the high-end allure of the JW Marriott brand should make this a very satisfying place to redeem your certificate.

The hotel features an Executive Lounge for eligible guests, as well one of the best hotel fitness centres in North America. 

Next time you head to Alberta’s capital, be sure to consider redeeming a Free Night Award at the JW Marriott Edmonton ICE District for a bit of luxury.

5. Delta Toronto

Outside of luxury options like the St. Regis or the Ritz-Carlton, one of the better mid-range hotels in the city is the Delta Toronto.

The rooms and suites are spacious, there’s a solid dining venue downstairs in SOCO, and best of all, some rooms have bathtubs with a commanding view of the CN Tower.

While you won’t be able to redeem a Free Night Award here on any given night, since the cost can exceed 50,000 points, there are plenty of options available every month. 

The cash rates at the Delta Hotels Toronto tend to run quite high, and you should end up getting great value from your Free Night Award.

At the hotel, you can expect a polished stay with a great location close to downtown and the lakeshore. 

There’s a Club Lounge located on the upper floors of the hotel, with great views of the city. 

If you’re not prepared to pay for a more luxurious property in Toronto, be sure to keep an eye out for a stay at the Delta Hotels Toronto with a Free Night Award.

6. Residence Inn Gravenhurst

While the JW Marriott The Rosseau Muskoka may get a lot of attention among Toronto’s summer crowd, the Residence Inn Gravenhurst is a worthy alternative for a brief getaway in cottage country.

Both hotels price out at under 50,000 points over the fall, winter, and spring; however, the Residence Inn Gravenhurst is available for 50,000 points or less even in the busy summer months.

Not only will you be getting excellent value compared to paying cash, but the award redemption books directly into a one-bedroom or studio suite, which can accommodate a larger family, too. 

7. Delta Ottawa

If you’re heading to the nation’s capital, the Delta Ottawa City Centre is a great option, especially if you’d like to redeem a Free Night Award.

Its location is just down the street from Parliament Hill and within walking distance to the Rideau Canal, which means that it’s a well-located choice for your visit. The hotel also features a newer Club Lounge and an indoor pool.

Fortunately, you won’t have any issues redeeming a Free Night Award here, since throughout the year, the redemption rate is 39,000 points at most.

With cash rates hovering around the $250+ mark, you’ll also be unlocking a fairly respectable return on the $120 or $150 credit card annual fee that you paid in exchange for the Free Night Award.

8. Humaniti Hotel Montreal, Autograph Collection

Over in Montreal, you’re certainly spoiled for choice when it comes to Marriott Bonvoy hotels. 

One of the better options available in the city is Humaniti Hotel Montreal, Autograph Collection. The hotel, which opened in 2021, has a great location close to Old Port and Downtown Montreal, and is available for most of the year with a topped-up Free Night Award.

Aside from the summer months, with only one or two dates available at under 50,000 points, you can expect to part with 40,000–50,000 points per night.

Cash rates run around $400 per night, which makes the hotel a solid choice for a Free Night Award.

9. Muir, Autograph Collection

For a trip out to Halifax, a stay at the Muir, Autograph Collection is absolutely worth considering. You’ll be treated to notably excellent service and a prime location right on Halifax’s waterfront.

It’s worth noting that the hotel controversially stopped honouring the Marriott Bonvoy breakfast benefit for guests with status earlier in 2023. However, it has since reinstated a pared-down continental breakfast for eligible guests instead of a full-fledged offering.

By all other measures, the Muir surely stands out as one of Canada’s best Marriott properties.

Aside from July, August, and September, a redemption at the Muir prices out at 50,000 points or less, which makes it a great candidate for a Free Night Award.

Cash rates at the hotel start at around $350 per night, and go up from there.

If you’re able to visit Halifax outside of the peak season, you’ll enjoy a splendid experience at the Muir, with a steep discount to the standard cash rate to boot.


One of the main reasons to keep the Marriott Bonvoy American Express Card and the Marriott Bonvoy Business American Express Card for the long-term is the anniversary Free Night Award

While it’s certainly possible to find great hotels that cost 35,000 points or less, it’s also nice to have the flexibility to top up the certificates for use at higher-end hotels.

In Canada, most major cities have a selection of Marriott properties, and you should be able to make good use of your Free Night Award wherever you are.

  1. Frank

    Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre charges $50+ for parking per night so it is an instantly no already.
    With Victoria Marriott moved their executive lounge from the top floor to the uninspiring so called M Club lounge at the lobby level, I would rather stay at Delta on the other side.

  2. Bileth

    Had the fortunate opportunity to stay at the JW Marriott Parq in Vancouver on a free night award with an upgrade to a high level suite. Gorgeous. Luxurious. Amazing.
    On another note, what reason would someone not want to use a free night award and pay $200+?

    1. Ricky YVR

      I stayed for a week in early April during my move to Vancouver, alternating between 35k FNAs and the StayVancouver rate. Nice residential feel to those one-bedroom suites.

      You might think you could get even better value with your FNA on a different trip in the future, for example.

    2. Jay*

      Glad to hear you enjoyed it. For some reason I always find the property underwhelming ime, despite everyone else’s positive experiences.

  3. Kenny

    Great list Ricky. Heard the Victoria Marriott was in the process of renovating the rooms. Any update on whether the majority of rooms have been completed yet?

    1. Ricky YVR

      Thanks for letting me know about this, I had no idea either. I look forward to checking out the hotel once they’ve finished fixing things up.

    2. Jay*

      They have not.

    3. mainlydana

      Good to know because they are very dated (stayed last summer). Our room also had a good-sized patio but zero furniture which I thought was odd.

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