Sandman RSVP Rewards: Free Top‑Tier Status for Visa Cardholders

It’s time to pick up another easy status match opportunity: Sandman Hotel Group is offering automatic top-tier status for Visa Canada cardholders.

Although Sandman isn’t a major global hotel chain, the hospitality group has a sizeable presence in Canada, and this new offer could certainly be useful towards trying out some member benefits on an upcoming stay.

What Are Sandman Hotels?

Founded in 1967 in Smithers, British Columbia, the Sandman Hotel Group is a Canadian-owned hotel chain with 50+ locations worldwide. The brand operates primarily in Canada, but also has a small presence in the United States and United Kingdom.

The chain has three different hotel brands, all catering to different groups of travellers:

  • Sandman Inns are basic limited-service hotels, often found along major highway routes in Canada.
  • Sandman Hotel & Suites is Sandman’s mid-range brand, often found in metropolitan centres and around airports.
  • Sandman Signature Hotels and Resorts is the chain’s most upscale hotel offering, offering higher-end amenities with spas, business centres, and concierge service.
Sandman Hotel Oakville
Sandman Hotel Oakville

Sandman RSVP Rewards Status for Visa Cardholders

Sandman’s loyalty programs is known as RSVP Rewards.

Members earn points for spending at Sandman Hotels based on different multipliers depending on their membership level, and can then redeem RSVP Rewards points at a flat ratio of 1 cent per point (cpp) towards future Sandman stays.

In an effort to grow their loyalty program, Sandman RSVP Rewards has partnered up with Visa Canada to offer a wide-ranging status match promotion:

  • Visa Infinite and Visa Infinite Business cardholders will get automatic mid-tier Platinum status
  • Visa Infinite Privilege cardholders will get automatic top-tier Diamond status

Normally, to reach Platinum or Diamond status, you would need a yearly spend of $1,500+ and $4,000+ with Sandman, respectively. Holding a Visa credit card (which I imagine the vast majority of us do) is therefore a very easy way to instantly bypass these requirements en route to higher-tier Sandman status. 

To register for Sandman RSVP Rewards and unlock your elevated status, simply visit the promotion page and select the “Enroll Now” button at the top.

The process can then be completed relatively quickly. When making an RSVP Rewards account, there is a “check eligibility” button, where you can enter your Visa credit card number to confirm eligibility prior to completing your registration.

Upon completing your registration, you’ll automatically be enrolled in the corresponding status, along with a “welcome bonus” of 1,000 RSVP Rewards points (worth $10 towards a Sandman stay) to boot.

(If you happen to already have an RSVP Rewards account, you’ll need to call in to get your status bumped based on your eligible Visa card.)

Note that there doesn’t appear to be an end date associated with your Sandman RSVP Rewards Platinum or Diamond status from being a Visa cardholder. Indeed, the Frequently Asked Questions page states the following:

After I enroll, will my RSVP Rewards program status level change if I don’t meet the usual program spend requirements? 

No, as long as you enrolled for the RSVP Rewards program with your eligible Visa Card your profile will be marked with the Visa RSVP Rewards Benefit and you will not be moved into any status lower than Platinum status for Visa Infinite and Visa Infinite Business Cards or Diamond status for Visa Infinite Privilege Cards. If you cease to have an eligible Visa Card linked to your RSVP Rewards membership, your status may be reset according to your qualified program dollar spend.

Simply continue holding onto your Visa card to secure your ongoing Sandman status, and if you relinquish your card, note that the status may be reset. 

What Does Sandman RSVP Rewards Status Get You?

Sandman RSVP Rewards elite members get access to the following benefits:

As a Platinum member, you’ll earn 7 points per dollar spent on qualifying hotel stays, while as a Diamond member, you’ll earn 9 points per dollar spent – equivalent to 7% or 9% back towards your next Sandman stay, respectively.

The most useful benefits appear to be the free room upgrade, breakfast box, and lounge access; however, all are subject to availability at the hotel. If a hotel doesn’t offer a breakfast box, then Platinum members will receive a $5 gift card, while Diamond members will receive a $10 gift card.

The on-site dining discounts of 10% and 15% respectively could come in handy, and the 1,000 bonus points per stay for Diamond members (equivalent to $10 towards your next stay) makes for a decent further return on Sandman’s largely inexpensive stays. 

Overall, as someone who has never stayed at a Sandman property before and finds the brand somewhat uninspiring, these benefits aren’t exactly motivating me to rejig my upcoming travel plans and experience Sandman for the first time.

However, you never know when a Sandman hotel might make for a reasonably priced option at, say, an airport hotel for an overnight layover somewhere in Canada – and I’d rather be treated to a breakfast box and a free room upgrade than not.

Sandman Signature Hotel Toronto Airport


The Sandman Hotel Group is now offering automatic mid-to-top-tier status within its RSVP Rewards loyalty program for Visa Canada cardholders.

Eligible Visa cardholders can check their eligibility and register on the promotion page. The registration process is quick and easy, and the elevated Sandman status is granted automatically upon registering. 

Having top-tier status with another chain never hurts, even if it’s a fairly minor one in the grand scheme of things, and I may just find myself swinging by a Sandman hotel somewhere in Canada one of these days to see what they’re all about. 

  1. Victoria

    Thanks for this! Unfortunately in smaller towns I sometimes have to frequent, it’s one of the better options. But this will hopefully make the experience more enjoyable! It sucks that the program doesn’t have a more accessible app to use. The booking process was somewhat… difficult.

  2. Bruce

    Sutton Place in downtown Halifax (in the convention centre) is very nice with a CHOP restaurant onsite

  3. steve

    If its not from metalica I dont want any sandman products lol

    Thanks for the info

    1. james

      :)) lol

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