Amex US Gold Card: 90,000 MR Points + US$250 Back on Dining!

A new record-high offer of 90,000 US MR points + 20% back on restaurant spending, up to US$250 has now surfaced on the Amex US Gold Card, which is available via select refer-a-friend links until June 8, 2022.

If you haven’t applied for the US Gold Card yet, there’s never been a better time to pull the trigger.

90,000 US MR Points Via Select Referral Links

The best-ever bonus on the Amex US Gold Card is here: 90,000 US MR points upon spending US$4,000 in the first six months. Compared to the more common minimum spending window of three months, the six-month window gives you a lot more leeway to meet the relatively high spending requirement. 

Furthermore, you’ll have the opportunity to earn 20% back in statement credits on worldwide dining, up to US$250, during the first 12 months.

This is an incredibly easy type of statement credit to unlock. Effectively, as long as you spend US$1,250 at restaurants around the world over the course of the year, you’ll be able to offset your first year’s US$250 annual fee!

(Plus, that restaurant spend would also earn you at least 5,000 extra US MR points due to the card’s 4x multiplier on dining, too.)

There’s one more interesting wrinkle to this offer: it’s only available through specific referral links. Not any arbitrary refer-a-friend link will be able to generate it; only specific individuals out there can generate referral links that come with this all-guns-blazing welcome offer. 

Given that Amex US enforces a strict once-in-a-lifetime rule on welcome bonuses, it’s best to wait for historical high offers before applying for any product you haven’t held before, and this offer on the Amex US Gold Card fits that bill exactly.

As a reminder, some of the best uses of US MR points these days might include:

As you can see, the welcome bonus of 90,000 US MR points would go a long way towards many types of aspirational awards. Combine it with, say, a 30% transfer bonus to Virgin Atlantic, and you’ve already got enough points for a round-trip ANA First Class award to Asia!

If you’ve already gotten started with US credit cards, then you can simply go ahead and apply to add the Gold Card to your portfolio.

If not, you can quite easily apply for this card via the Nova Credit service, simply by checking the box that says “I don’t have a credit history in the US, but have had a credit card or loan in the UK, India, Mexico, Canada or Australia” on the application form, where it asks you for a Social Security Number.

The Nova Credit service will then link to your Canadian credit file to assess your creditworthiness, although you may still be required to give Amex US a call for identity verification purposes. Be sure to review the full guide to getting US credit cards for Canadians for more information.

Is the Amex US Gold Card a Long Term Keeper?

Under the current all-time-high offer with the US$250 statement credit on restaurants worldwide, you can effectively offset the first-year annual fee of US$250.

Even going forward, though, I do think there’s a strong case to be made for keeping the Amex US Gold Card for the long term despite its US$250 fee.

The card offers a handful of annual credits totalling US$240, which, if maximized, will offset the vast majority of the annual fee. For Canadians, though, these credits may be tricky to use without spending significant time in the US:

  • There is a monthly US$10 Uber credit that can be used towards Uber or Uber Eats, but only for rides or orders in the US. 
  • In addition, there is a monthly US$10 credit that can be used towards any of GrubhubSeamless, Boxed, The Cheesecake Factory, Ruth’s Chris Steak House, and Shake Shack. Again, it seems that these can only be used in the US.

For most Canadians, I think it’ll be a matter of doing their best to maximize these credits on their trips to the US, and then weighing whatever’s left of the US$250 annual fee against how much you value the Amex US Gold Card’s most attractive benefit: its 4x earning rate on restaurants worldwide.

If you’re an avid foodie and eat out frequently both at home and along your travels, the Amex US Gold Card will be one of your closest companions.

Even if you’ve just sat through the most amazing meal of your life at that three-Michelin-Star restaurant you’ve dreamed of visiting, it’s never easy to digest the final bill at the end of a meal like that, so the least you can do is earn 4x US MR points on those dollars you’re dropping.

In most cases, once you factor in the exchange rates in terms of both the dollars and MR points, I’d say that the 4x earning rate on the Amex US Gold Card outstrips both of the optimal choices we have in Canada for dining spend: the Platinum Card’s 3x MR points and the Cobalt Card’s 5x MR Select points.

If food and travel are both a big part of your lifestyle, then the Gold Card can quite easily justify its annual fee year after year.

For Canadians, the other strong perk of the Amex US Gold Card is the 3x US MR points on airline purchases, which is a stronger earning rate on airfare than anything we have in Canada at the moment.

Compared to other US cards, the US Platinum Card still dominates on airfare spending with its 5x return; however, its US$550 annual fee means that it might not be the right fit for everyone, and in my view the Amex US Gold Card strikes a better balance between strong benefits and a reasonable annual fee.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that the card also offers 4x US MR points on up to US$25,000 of purchases at US supermarkets; however, it has been verified that this indeed does not extend to Canadian supermarkets. Alas, what a cool benefit that would be, given the many varied items that can be purchased at supermarkets these days.

Apply Now

Credit card offers in the US have been rising to seemingly impossible levels over the past two years, and this current refer-a-friend offer from the Amex US Gold Card is yet another step along this crazy trend.

Indeed, over the past few years, this particular product had put out welcome bonuses of 35,000, 60,000, 75,000, and now a staggering 90,000 US MR points with the opportunity to offset the first-year annual fee. 

This particular offer is currently only available via specific refer-a-friend links. Head over to the Prince of Travel Elites Facebook group or Prince of Travel Club Lounge on Discord if you’d like to share a referral link that can generate this spectacular offer of 90,000 US MR points + US$250 statement credit on restaurants worldwide.

  1. David

    Hi Ricky,

    Sounds like a good card to get for my second US AMEX card. Quick question I haven’t been able to clarify yet. I obtained my first AMEX card via NOVA Credit. For my second US AMEX card do I enter my ITIN number (which I recently obtained) in the SNN field or do I only need to use this for companies that accept ITIN as part of the application process (ie CHASE)? Thanks in advance, David

    1. Rachel YYZ

      You should add your ITIN to the SSN field in order to attach the ITIN to your credit file to build history!

  2. Snoop

    Can anyone post a referral link for the 90k offer? Would greatly appreciate.

  3. Serhiy

    Hi Ricky!
    I’m just starting my US credit card history. What would be better card to get first, Platinum with 100k points or Gold with 75k points? Can I apply for both?

  4. Dale

    So I had the Premier Rewards card years ago just like you Ricky. I assume I’m not eligible for the bonus, however when I’m logged into my USA Amex account, the bonus of 75,000 is visible, and I can even go to apply until the last page of submit, and not get the pop-up that says you are ineligible for the bonus.

    So I might be able to get the bonus but again not sure. Some people have applied for card, gotten approved, then wait a week and chat with them to make sure they are eligible for bonus before spending. Although it you are gonna be charged $250 annual fee I guess you better be somewhat assured that you will qualify for bonus.

    1. Ricky YVR

      Very interesting. I believe the pop-up only shows up after clicking the Submit button though. Did you put through an application? No harm in trying to click Submit and seeing if the pop-up appears. Hell, I might try and do that.

      1. Dale

        Just to clarify, I didn’t hit the “Agree & Submit” button. Perhaps I should… lol

        I just find it odd that they seem to be targeting me, what sentences like “A special offer for you”. I think it’s been at least 7 years since I’ve had this card so perhaps I’m eligible again for the bonus. I even have the offer of 75,000 points for the Platinum card, which I previously opened in 2014 and canceled around 2017-2018? So I really don’t open and close cards quickly so perhaps Amex is allowing me more access to bonuses because of that? But who knows…

  5. Max

    Hey Ricky !
    I debate myself wether to apply for Gold 75k offer or Gold Resy offer 60k MR +$250 food credit. What do you think ?

    1. Ricky YVR

      Two questions to ask yourself:

      1. Do you envision spending US$1,250+ at restaurants worldwide during the first year?
      2. If so, would you be able to extract greater than 1.67cpp out of your 15K US MR points?

      If you answered no to the first question or yes to the second, go with the 75K offer. Personally I’d lean towards the 75K as well, since I definitely think you can beat a 1.67cpp redemption value with the extra 15K points.

      1. Max

        Thanks man! Valid point

  6. Gilles

    Applied on line 2 days ago and got it in about 2 min installed it in my iPhone Wallet and able to use it immediately until I get the card in about 10 days, totally painless, thank’s for the 75000 points

  7. SoyMexicano

    Just a DP on getting your first US AMEX card (as of Feb. 2021). My wife just applied for the Hilton Honors card. The telephone interview was fairly painless, however AMEX did want proof of a US address. They accepted our US bank account statement.

  8. Eric in NL

    I always think the exchange rate should be factored into the earning. Lets say this card is 4 points per 1.30 rather than 4x on dining. Or we could say that the gold card is 4x per dollar and the cobalt is 5x per 0.77.

  9. JM

    Out of curiosity, did you ask 24/7 parcel to give you their new address or their regular one? I am about to apply that is why I am asking. Thanks!

    1. Kristian

      I used their original one. It was immediately rejected by two different agents I spoke with on the phone. After it failed I explained the situation to 24/7. They did offer me the new one to use on the application, with the expectation that the address would be switched back to the original one after the application was approved. I have since heard that the new address does work, however at the time I didn’t want to risk another rejection so used a friend’s house address instead to be safe.

  10. Peter Hendershot

    I used your link to get my Gold Card. Let me know when you get your points!

  11. Sash - YOW ✈ YOW

    Catching up on this thread just now. Thank you Peter for using the referral link

  12. Alex YWG

    I think the answer is no, but is there a way to downgrade from this AMEX Gold card to another card and retain the credit history build up over the 11 months?

    I am debating whether to get this card for the high WB or stick to my original plan and get a low/no annual fee card to keep building my US credit history.

    1. Ishan

      Amex Green Card is the only downgrade path since it is a charge card. Bear in mind if you do, you’ll lose the chance to earn welcome bonus on Amex Green Card. If not, apply for Amex Everyday Card and cancel the Gold Card.

  13. Ishan

    Would buying gift cards from Whole Foods and using them in Canada trigger 4x? I wonder what’s the exchange rate when using USD gift cards in Canada?

  14. Osvald

    Thanks very much Ricky – and all – for this super helpful forum.

    Just applied for the 60K Gold Amex US card as a Canadian. My first Amex US card ever. Got an email asking to call them and verify something, presumably my identity and US address.

    Before calling them next week, I just added my US address to my US bank file. Now my US address is listed as my ‘Mailing Address’ and my Canada address as Residential Address.

    Will this do? I hope there is no need to list my US address as residential because I do not live in America (and would not dream of it).

    Grateful for any thoughts. Many thanks.

    1. Osvald

      The Amex phone interview was quite painless. They did not ask for any proof of employment or address. Interestingly, they said the Canadian SIN was not of much use to them either. They wanted every detail of my Canadian passport, then vanished for 5 mins for checks and came back with an approval. Easy-peasy.

  15. Ben L

    I have a Green Card and no ITIN. Applied using a referral (2x – both signed out, and then signed in). Checked ‘use Canadian credit history’ both times (otherwise needed to enter SIN), and was rejected both times. Called AMEX and they said no way to bypass, that I would likely need to submit a IRS form (4506T) which, based on research, is a transcript of tax returns. Since I don’t file US taxes this could be an issue…any ideas?

  16. Emily

    Thanks to Ricky’s generosity, I have now reached the maximum referral bonus for the year. Please spread the love and use other people’s referral links!

    1. Ricky YVR

      Awesome Emily! Don’t spend it all in one place 😉

  17. Clinton

    I have a DP to share for those who are thinking of applying for their first and/or second US cards

    On 2020-08-28, I applied online through incognito mode for the US No-Fee Hilton as my first Amex US Card via Nova Credit. I had selected “I don’t have a credit history in the US, but have had it … in Canada”. I got the conditional approval and was asked to call. I called and went through a quick and simple 3 way call with BMO Harris US to validate my US Address. Once that’s done, I got the approval email.

    Subsequently on the same day, I decided to try and apply for the US Personal Gold card since SUB through referral is at an all time high. Applied and went through the same process as my first card. Again, was asked to call to verify address but this time the agent noticed that I’ve had done a nova earlier in the day and was told that I’m not eligible to do another Nova. Hung up immediately. Called again. Second agent processed it without any reference to the earlier Nova application. Approved for my second US card on the same day 🙂

    Both cards arrived on 2020-08-31.

    1. John

      Hi there, can you give some more info on how you opened the bank account with BMO Harris? Did you provide the US address as your permanent address or you provided a Canadian one to them? Thanks!!

      1. Clinton

        For sure.

        I called the number on that webpage. I believe it was 1-888-214-6720. Just tell them that you want to open a bmo harris chequing account and that you have a bmo account in canada. They will walk you through the process. There will be documents you’ll need to sign and mail back. It was straightforward and easy. You will use your canadian address first when opening the us harris account.

        After you’ve opened the account, then you can call them to change to the US address. Once you’ve done that, you can start your nova transfer process.

  18. Max

    Those who are looking to start the US Amex game but are hesitant paying the $70 for 24/7 mailbox rental fee, consider looking into Planet Express. They have a free mailbox option and you only pay about $15 for every mail you get through them.

  19. Patti

    Jeremy — how long have you had your other US card, and is it an Amex? Why did you go the incognito route rather than relying on your other US card in the application? I just applied (not incognito) and got the dreaded pop-up message that I’m not entitled to the WB. I’ve had the basic US Amex Preferred card for nearly 4 months, which I do use occasionally, so not sure why I got the dreaded pop-up. Wondering if I should try again, incognito, using your method.

    1. Jeremy

      My other US card is the old Bonvoy Amex from 1+ year ago. I used incognito to be able to get the 60k offer, but once on that page I logged in and it used my existing history.

      How occasionally have you been using your card? For me I’ve only been putting my Netflix sub on it every month, sometimes a few more things (most recently to use up the small shop credits).

      Not much you can do besides putting more regular spend on the card and hoping the pop-up goes away before the 60k offer is gone.

      1. Patti

        Thanks for the reply — that’s useful info. I spent 95/650/750 over 3 statements, and then another 200 before I applied. Maybe it’s just not a long enough history. Will put some more spend on it and try again in a month if it’s still offered.

  20. Krall

    When applying through the Novacredit website that you posted Ricky, it lists the Amex Gold as 35,000MR when spending $4000 in 3 months. Can I assume it has not been updated and the real offer is 60,000MR when you’ve spent $4000 in 6 months?

    1. Ricky YVR

      The Nova Credit site won’t give the 60K offer. Instead, open a referral link and tick the “I’m a cardholder in Canada” box to *use* the Nova Credit to apply.

      1. Mike

        Do you need to have a US address to apply for it though? And if so, how exactly do you get one?

        1. Ricky YVR

          Yes. Either use a friend or family member’s address or set up a mail forwarding service.

    2. Ricke

      Nope you wont get the 60K points if you apply directly through novacredit

  21. Parminder

    Used your link and got approved. 🙂

  22. Josh

    Any idea when this offer might expire? I’m planning to hold off until I can get to some major purchases and travel.

  23. Jack

    I get this message after confirming the terms (page 2) of the application, regardless if I input my ITIN or not, check off the nova credit box or not. I have a no fee hilton card thats been around for 10+ months, did not spend after meeting the initial MSR, until this month I tried a few shop small transactions. Never late and have a FICO score of 700+

    “____, based on your history with credit card balance transfers, American Express welcome offers, introductory APR offers, or the number of Cards you have opened and closed, you are not eligible to receive the welcome offer.

    We have not yet performed a credit check. Would you still like to proceed?

    Note: Your application will be considered withdrawn if no action is taken on this page.”

    1. Jay*

      Your Hilton card has been dormant for an extended period of time, which is why you are getting the pop-up. Some regular spending should clear things up. Unfortunately you may have to wait a statement for AMEX’s backend to update your recent activity. Hopefully the current offer will still be around then.

  24. Jason

    To transfer the US MR points to a Canada, do I need a Canadian Amex Gold Card as well? Or do I have to cancel the US Gold Card and open a Canadian one to do the transfer?

    1. Jason

      So based on my calculations: I would open a US Gold and CAD Gold card because I want to eventually transfer to Aeroplan. I have to pay $250 US and $150 CAD to open both gold cards (~$480 CAD). I would then need to spend $4000 USD and $1500 CAD (~ $6,800 CAD) to get the welcome bonus which would eventually translate to 105,000 MR (1..33 USD/CAD). Now to spend that much I would most likely use Plastiq at around 2.75% so let’s say another $200 CAD. Also I would be spending that in Canada so the US Amex takes 2.5% extra (~$133 CAD). To fund USD, there will be around let’s say 1.5% cost (~ $65 CAD). So approximately $900 CAD of cost to get 105,000 Aeroplan points. Aeroplan is $0.03/mile which would cost $3,150. If they offer a 40% promotion, $1,890. So worst case scenario, you save around $1,000 and if you can manufacture $7K CAD in 6 months. But at this moment I paid most of my property tax and stuff so this is going to be a bit hard to do. Thoughts?

      1. Ricky YVR

        The math is mostly correct except the US Gold Card has no FX fee (like most premium US cards), so that 2.5% extra wouldn’t be there. Also, once you factor in the points earned on minimum spending, you’re closer to 116,000 Aeroplan points, and perhaps more if you spend on the 4x/3x/2x categories.

        What you’ve described sounds like the classic trade-off between earning points the cheaper but more roundabout way (via signup bonuses, which does depend on your appetite/ability to spend) vs. purchasing them directly from the program. You’ll want to carefully think about your spending ability over the next three months and then only apply if you have a plan to meet the spending requirement. If you go ahead, I’d recommend starting with the US Gold Card, since there’s no telling how long this 60k offer will last, whereas the 30k offer on the Canadian Gold Card has been around for a long time.

        1. Jason

          Thanks for the responses.

          I wish someone could clarify FX rates and fees on credit cards. My understanding is that the card networks take 2.5% markup on SPOT live rates. Then the additional 2.5% for FX fees. The no FX fees cards do not charge the additional 2.5% so there is at least 2.5% no matter what. Anyone can confirm this? TIA.

          1. Annie

            I can confirm this, as I just opened the AmEx US Gold card and made my first purchase. The AmEx US Gold card does not charge FX rate at all, and actually gave me a very good, close to market FX rate:
            Actual charge: CAD 531.38
            Live rate on Google: USD 407.22
            Charged on my AmEx US Gold card: USD 407.63

            I also have the AmEx Canada Gold card. That card integrates 2.5% markup on live rate and does not charge you a separate additional FX fee. Example of my recent purchase on AmEx Canada Gold card:
            Actual charge: USD 100.00
            Live rate on that day: CAD 136.05
            Charged on my AmEx Gold card: CAD 139.57

            Hope this helps 🙂

            1. Jason

              Thanks Annie. That’s good rates but some of my other cards show amounts when making a purchase in local currency but then the statement shows up and they adjust the amount based on date posted and have to look up the rates again but seems like this is a good card for FX.

    2. Ricky YVR

      Emily is correct, any Canadian MR card will do, and no need to cancel anything to do the transfer.

    3. Emily

      I think you just need a Canadian MR card open to do the transfer, and don’t need to cancel the US card for it.

      1. Jason

        Thanks, and I used your referral link so hopefully you get that.

        1. Emily

          Appreciate the gesture Jason! I did get the referral MR 😀

  25. Daniel Fradkin

    Guys so you still need US address and phone number to apply through Nova Credit?

  26. Lucas

    I’m seeing 6 months instead of 3. Anyone else?

    1. Ricky YVR

      It’s six months. I thought I had corrected this earlier, but it should be corrected now.

  27. Susan Martin

    You use the card in Canada though, right? Presumably it’s accepted at all the same places as Canadian Amex cards?

    1. Ricky YVR


  28. Ricky YVR

    That’s always my pleasure!

  29. Brent S

    Rookie question: even if you apply through Nova Credit, do you still need to open up a US bank account to pay the monthly balances?

    1. Ricky YVR

      That’s the recommended best practice. There are select Canadian bank accounts that can pay off US credit cards (for example, BMO’s top-tier banking package), but having a US bank account is still recommended for verifying your address with US issuers.

  30. Omar YYZ

    oops..never mind..found the answer! 🙂

  31. Omar YYZ

    one thing though…this card charges FEX fees right?

    1. Ron Sigal

      No, no foreign exchange fees. However you have to pay in US dollars, and may incur fees *to your Foreign exchange provider, not Amex()in the process acquiring them.

    1. Ricky YVR

      If it worked for someone, I don’t see why not. Worse case you get one of them and have to wait ~3 months for the other.

  32. Sash - YOW ✈ YOW

    Ricky, going through Nova does not give you the 60K offer, only the public 35K offer.
    What i suggest for those who wish to get this Gold card as their first US Amex is to apply through a referral link, call global transfer, and request them process the using the application you have already created. This will work


    1. Vik

      How would you suggest to apply this card for someone with no ITIN but already has existing US Amex cards? I couldn’t find this 60k offer when I try to login and apply. Do I still check no SSN while applying?

      1. Ricky YVR

        Going for Round #2 of Nova Credit might work. The Reddit DP linked above seems to indicate this can be successful.

        1. Clinton

          Yes it works! Just did round #2 last friday along with round #1 on the same day

      2. J

        Curious to know this as well, I’m in the same boat.

    2. Ricky YVR

      My understanding is that you’d click through the 60k referral offer first, then select I’m not a US cardholder but have Canadian credit, and Nova would take it from there.

    3. SoyMexicano

      Thank you Ricky for this blog (and all your blogs, in particular all the work you did on the new Aeroplan Program)!

      FYI, I signed up for my first ever AMEX (Canadian Gold) card thru your referral link about a month ago.

      Just used Sash’s (thank you Sash) referral link this morning and got approved for the AMEX (US Gold) card, including the 60,000 MR points.

      During the month of August I opened an RBC Cross-Border chequing account, changed my Canadian address online to a US address (wife’s brother). While getting approved this morning thru AMEX Global Transfer, the AMEX CSR called RBC in the USA. All three of us were on the phone while the RBC CSR confirmed my US address. It was as simple as that!

      Thank you so very much Ricky!!! With your invaluable information I’ve managed to sign up for three credit cards since July 23rd (Alaska WE, and AMEX Gold (CAD & US)), and amassed 30K AS miles, and 90K MR points.

      Yours gratefully, (a Miles & Points newbie)

      1. Max

        Doesn’t amex require the canadian cards to be open for atleast 3 months and in good standing before youre eligible for a global transfer?

      2. Ricky YVR

        Love to hear success stories like this! 🙂

  33. Wrubel

    Ricky. I have 1 US credit card – have had for two months – but no ITIN. How would I go about getting this card? Many thanks.

    1. Ricky YVR

      Going for Round #2 of Nova Credit might work. The Reddit DP linked above seems to indicate this can be successful.

  34. Peter

    Does anybody have an idea how long this offer might last, based on previous experience? I have a US address, but won’t be there until October to retrieve the mail… I presume they won’t mail the US card to a Canadian address

    1. Jay*

      @Peter, they do mail US cards to a Canadian address, depends on the reasoning :).

    2. Patti

      Another great option for using the US MR points is transfer to Asia Miles at 1:1.

      1. Ricky YVR

        True, Patti. I’ll add that to the list.

    3. Pablinho

      No idea. It is the highest we’ve seen and i would be surprised if it lasts longer than a few weeks.

  35. Andrew

    Your writing says $4000 USD within 3 months, but the screenshot of the offer says within 6 months

    1. Ricky YVR

      6 months it is. That’s what I get for writing articles just before Happy Hour.

  36. Ced

    If you go on AMEX US in incognito mode, there is also an offer for the gold card of 35000 MR on the first 4000$ and 250$ on the first 2500$ but it’s not as good as the referral offer.

  37. John

    A note on the restaurant spend: it’s actually similar to the platinum. 1 cad = ~.75 usd. So the platinum earns 3.75x per USD on dining, vs. 4x for the us gold. A slight edge at current exchange rates, but not a large one. If the USD goes down the edge would grow.

    However, US Amex points are more valuable, so it depends on the expected use.

    Do you think repeat us to canada points transfers may trigger a shutdown of canadian accounts? Technically you’re not supposed to have accounts on both sides of the border. This is obviously not enforced, but such transfers might be a gaming signal used in future shutdowns.

    1. Ricky YVR

      Yes, I’d definitely place a higher value on US MR points due the wider range of transfer possibilities, hence my recommendation for the US Gold over the Canadian Platinum.

      I personally doubt they’d take any issue with cross-border transfers: many individuals spend time on both sides of the border and have accounts in both countries, which I feel is the reason this feature is offered in the first place.

    2. Jordan

      You can only do a Canada-US MR transfer once per year anyways. Kind of hard to get shutdown based on an annual datapoint.

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