Prince of Travel Debuts on YouTube

I’m delighted to announce the official launch of the Prince of Travel YouTube channel. This is something I’ve been keen on doing for a long time, and I finally got around to taking the plunge during my recent ANA First Class flight. The video brings you the highlights from a spectacular First Class experience onboard ANA, and you can view it right here on this page!

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A Quick Word on Blogging vs Vlogging

I had no blogging experience before I dove in headfirst a little over a year ago, and I soon discovered it to be a hugely enjoyable undertaking. Based on my first-pass attempt at video production, I expect I’ll come to feel the same way about creating content in video format.

I’m still a relative newbie when it comes to things like camera angles and colour balances, and making my first video was definitely a challenging, but rewarding effort. I look forward to building up my skill set as I document my travels around the globe. 

What can you expect from future videos? Well, First Class flight videos are certainly a lot of fun to make (and if you’ve been following along, you’ll know that a Cathay Pacific one is also in the works!), but I’ll also be looking to use YouTube as a platform to share a whole range of content, from the places I go and the things I see, to my general thoughts on anything and everything that’s somehow related to our world. 

In fact, back when I was mulling over the idea of starting a website, my original vision was very much more of a general interest travel blog than a site heavily focused on teaching others to travel on points. The whole Miles & Points angle sort of happened on accident, if I’m honest – I had written a few intro articles that were well-received, and it just snowballed from there.

Looking back, it’s not really a surprise that things panned out this way given my level of involvement in this hobby. But in launching the YouTube channel, I’m definitely hoping to share my perspectives on the wider world as it relates to travel, on top of all the Miles & Points techniques that make all this travel possible. 

That’s not to say that anything will be changing blog-wise, and in case there’s any doubt about it, rest assured that the blog will always be the core focus. Case in point: this ANA First Class video was produced in addition to my usual in-depth review for the blog, so if you’d like to read about all the details of the flight, the article will be coming up shortly this week. 

Just be sure to keep an eye out for the occasional new video that’ll be popping up on the Prince of Travel YouTube channel – depending on what it’s about, some videos might be accompanied by a blog article, while others might be standalone productions. And of course, make sure to subscribe if you’d like to follow along closely!


Go on then, invite your friends over and throw a Prince of Travel viewing party, you know you want to 😉

But on a serious note, travel is my biggest passion, and having a platform from which to share that passion with all of you is something I cherish every single day. My hope is that by doing up the YouTube channel and expanding into new ways of delivering the enjoyable content that you’ve all come to expect, I’ll be able to inform and inspire as many of my fellow Canadians as possible. Happy travels!

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