Review: Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney

On my way from Canberra to Hobart, I had a bit of time to kill at Sydney airport and decided to check out the Virgin Australia Lounge before my flight.  I was impressed by their lounges in Brisbane and Canberra—and expected no less from this one as well!


If you’re accessing the lounge on a connecting flight, it's located close to the food court either via an escalator or well-marked elevator. Signs throughout the airport will direct you to “The Lounge”—short form for Virgin Australia.

In the check-in area, you have the option of scanning your boarding pass at a contactless entry point or checking in with an agent.


There are a few chairs and tables dotted in the area just beyond the check-in desks. The hallway then splits off into two directions, with main seating to your left and an alternative, much quieter option on your right.

To your right, you'll move through to an area near the Premium Entry doors. In the back corner of the lounge—facing the drop-off area for Terminal 2—is a small seating area with work stations, armchairs, and high-top seats.


The dining area is located in the heart of the lounge. A single counter takes up the majority of the space, and there’s a separate island with bread nearby.

The hot buffet included streaky bacon, baked beans and poached eggs; the cold one had more options—including cereal, muesli and fruit salad.

At the left end of the buffet is a barista station, which offers made-to-order hot drinks. Alcohol is served as of 12pm, and the lounge features a selection of craft beer, wine, and pre-mixed cocktails.


The Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney features showers in the main restrooms, as well as in separate shower suites. The main restrooms are located close to the help desk.

The restrooms were clean, which was surprising given how busy the lounge was. The shower stalls are all nearly identical, and come with a toilet, sink, and shower area.

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