Video: The Truth About “Churning” Credit Cards

The act of “churning” credit cards refers to earning repeat signup bonuses on the same product by cancelling your card and reapplying sometime in the future. How viable is this strategy?

Well, in the past, it’s something I’ve openly recommended here at Prince of Travel, but it’s no longer something I recommend quite as enthusiastically these days. In this video, let’s talk about why.

In the US, banks have set up strict rules to combat this kind of behaviour, and we’re seeing early signs of these rules here in Canada as well, even though the enforcement of these rules may not be quite as strict just yet.

But in my opinion, we’re headed in the direction of stricter enforcement – and in addition, publicly recommending these strategies would only serve to hasten their demise.

Without further ado, you can watch the video below:


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