Video: The Credit Card Game in the US vs. Canada

For Canadian points collectors, once you’ve reached a certain level of familiarity with the offers we have here in Canada, your focus naturally expands into the US credit card scene as well. As you do so, you’ll need to understand the key differences between the credit card game in the US and Canada, in order to ensure you’re able to optimize on both sides of the border.

That’s what we cover in this week’s video. We talk about the relative strength of credit card offers on both sides of the border, as well as the different treatment of business credit cards (which, in the US, do not report to your personal credit bureaus) and authorized user cards (which, in the US, do show up on an authorized user’s credit profile).

Finally, we touch upon the great equalizing factor between the two markets: the significantly greater attention from US issuers on behaviour classified as “gaming”, like repeat signup bonuses and manufactured spending.

Without further ado, then, you can watch the video below:


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