Video: New TD Aeroplan Credit Card Offers!

TD’s new Aeroplan credit card offers for Spring 2021 have been released this week. The four co-branded credit cards have bumped up their offers through May 30, 2021, which are a big improvement from the previous round of offers.

In this video, let’s go through all the details of the new TD credit card offers and discuss a few optimal strategies around which card to get, product-switching from other TD credit card families, and maximizing the Air Canada Buddy Pass.

Without further ado, you can watch the video below:


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  1. bigjon94 YUL

    I have had the TD Aeroplan infinite card for a while now. Do you know if it will work to do a product switch to a lower card and then apply for the infinite card again? The issue is this is my oldest credit product so I can’t cancel it.

  2. HP

    Ricky, great update and very useful info. Any idea why CIBC hasn’t increased their offers or why their offers are so weak? I thought CIBC and TD were pretty equal but not anymore.

    1. Jay*

      Because CIBC’s current round of offers run until January 31, 2021. Wait and see in February if they match TD’s latest offerings.

  3. Fernand

    The Buddy Pass is like liver. I’ll take it if my children’s lives are in danger…

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