Video: Level Up Your Aeroplan Elite Status!

Aeroplan has announced yet another exciting promotion this week: the ability to spend your way to a higher level of Aeroplan Elite Status.

Until October 15 or November 30, depending on when you had opened the card, simply spend $10,000 on a premium Aeroplan credit card and you’ll level-up your Aeroplan status.

If you have no status, you can earn entry-level Aeroplan 25K status. And if you have existing status, you can earn a one-tier upgrade to the next status level up!

And with some careful advance planning, you could even earn all the way up to Aeroplan 35K starting from no status at all, if you combine the spend-$10,000 promotion with the current record-high signup offers on the American Express Aeroplan cards.

Without further ado, you can watch the video below:


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