Video: If You Get Declined for a Credit Card, Do This

When you play the credit card game, it’s almost inevitable to get declined on a credit card application at some point.

Whether it’s because you’ve gotten too many recent credit inquiries or you have too many outstanding accounts, sometimes the credit card issuer just doesn’t feel like approving you for a new credit card and giving you that signup bonus that you’ve been craving.

In these situations, you should never take no for an answer! Always ask the credit card issuer to reconsider their decision and offer an explanation for any underlying credit factors you feel that might’ve contributed to the decision.

The reconsideration process can often help you turn that denial into an approval. I’ll share with you some of my own reconsideration experiences in the video, too.

And if that doesn’t work, all is not lost – consider applying for the card under another household member, or simply wait a while and try again later, focusing on new credit cards that pull from the other credit bureau in the meantime.

Without further ado, you can watch the video below:


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