Video: HSBC World Elite, The Best Mastercard in Canada

The HSBC World Elite Mastercard traditionally puts on the best welcome bonuses in the winter season, and the card has just launched its Winter 2021 offer, which will last until January 31, 2022.

This offer represents a very strong value proposition of $450+ in the first year, or even $500+ if you decide to renew the card for a second year.

In this video, let’s take a closer look at the welcome offers for both non-Quebec and Quebec residents, and we’ll also highlight some of the HSBC World Elite’s powerful features that make it among the best credit cards for travelling abroad and the best Canadian-issued Mastercard options to add to your wallet.

Without further ado, you can watch the video below:


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  1. John Geddes

    Are the points earned with this card transferrable to other points programmes (like Aeroplan or Skymiles)?

    1. Rachel YYZ

      Indeed, they are! You can transfer to British Airways Avios, Cathay Pacific Asia Miles, and Singapore Airlines Krisflyer.

  2. Mr. Dreamer

    Considering Canada’s Travel advisory and no Covid coverage for my upcoming travel, I am going to cancel the card before its annual fee kicks in. I don’t think it is really the best card in Canada. It is a great card but there are better travel cards like Scotiabank Visa Passport Infinite which gives 6 complimentary lounge access.

  3. Larry S.

    Would you use this card to purchase an Apple product, say the new Macbook Pro, or just use an Amex card (Business Platinum-1:1.25, Marriott Bonvoy, Aeroplan)? On surface, the worth per point is 0.5 for HSBC vs 0.21 for Aeroplan).

  4. Stephen

    Paul, Bob, Paulk, I appreciate these comments. The customer service experience is also part of the equation. I also have US cards that are good for avoiding FTF while travelling, but don’t use them for mail order, since their official address is in the US.

  5. Paul R

    I have to agree with the earlier comments of Paulk and Bob. The application process (having to go in branch) is awful, and customer service is frustrating (usually). Plus you have to wait those full 6 months before receiving any bonus.

    I know HSBC is a Prince of Travel sponsor, but I think Ricky should be calling them out on this way more. We’ve had dropped calls (after waiting 15 minutes on hold), wrong information, and just hate the clunky website. My wife and I both cancelled our HSBC cards this month and switched to the RBC WestJet Mastercard. We have US Amex Marriott cards, which don’t have FX fees and are keeper cards, so don’t need the HSBC hassle.

    Bottom line, HSBC might be fine for a sign up bonus, but it’s not a bank I want a long-term relationship with.

  6. Usama

    Ricky, if HSBC closed all my products few yrs due to no clear reasons, am I able to re apply again?

  7. Paulk YYZ

    I wonder if they still require visits to their branches to confirm identity. I’ve had my HSBC WE card and got that great 100,000 point sign up bonus, but it did take trekking to local branch about 25 minutes away, even though I had other HSBC products like a mortgage and a saving account. Bit of a hassle compared to AMEX and other card providers that can do instant confirmations or a quick phone call. Since they have a spotty branch network, might be tough for any rural based person to reasonably travel to one of their branches.

    The other point is don’t hold your breath to get awarded your bonus points on the spend. They take the full 6 months in my experience.

    I personally have not had any issues with their customer service, seemed Ok for the standard stuff I phone them for.

  8. Bob

    There is zero customer service with these HSBC cards when something goes wrong whether it be chargebacks, fraud, insurance, etc.

    Horrible offshore call center

  9. George S.

    Ricky – I had a HSBC Premier WE card, I cancelled it and applied for the HSBC WE card right away and got the full signup points. Is it a lucky accident or the bank currently not really enforcing the 12-month waiting rule?

    1. Ricky YVR

      Thanks for the data point – sounds like it may be a sign that the rule isn’t very strictly enforced.

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