Video: Credit Card Enthusiasts Be Like…

For this week’s YouTube video, I’ve made a little something different than usual to brighten up your weekend. I hope you enjoy it – and let me know if you’ve ever had similar conversations with your friends before. 🙂

Two credit card enthusiasts catch up over dinner…


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  1. PrincessOfPoints YYZ

    I love P2. That’s my husband in our case.

  2. Jerry

    Thanks to the TAW website, so I managed to book several ANA first class suites for me and my family next year. 35K for trans-pacific first class is insane. Why you complain and blame the website? I’m fully in support of the website reveal the secret code. Spread the love. Btw, the code won’t work in the new program next month anyways, so why not let everyone splurge a bit before the end of current Aeroplan.

    1. Jay*

      Time will tell if those that booked the “domestic” NH F end up with the same fate of those that booked EY’s SYD-AUH-JFK routing. 🙂

    2. John

      What is the TAW website? Any hints help 🙂

      1. Ronald

        Transatlantic Wholesaler…ask your local mechanic. Set up a relationship where you feed him cash and he gives you the VIP points. Some good deals to be had on the Avianca/Virgin redemptions to be fair… 😉

        1. CR

          So puzzled 🤨 what’s transatlantic wholesaler?

    3. JZ

      A little salty that I read the blog post ~10 days too late. Tried so many airports and looks like the bug is dead. 🙁

    4. Ricky YVR

      Like I said in the video: Fair enough 😉

  3. Stainless

    Well done ☺️ Ha,ha… Had to laugh at the dualing Amex Plats!

  4. Mark

    Haha, fun video. Nice job!

  5. John Bucher

    Now all we need is 3 tricks to match the three tricks.It’s nice to have a bit of melodrama in this very sad time
    I wish my wife had a name like Francis or Sydney or even Harold.

  6. Max

    The 3 tricks you mentioned, are these Manufactured Spend or Minimum Spend techniques?

    – northern body of water trick
    – intangible goods trick
    – Australian stone hatchet trick

    I am not seeing them on Prince Elites or churning canada, not sure where we can find these tricks, are these commonly used?

  7. smuncky

    Definitely had a few lolz! Thanks for the the uplifting post.

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