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Aeroplan Elite Status: How Much Is It Worth? (Part 2)
Miles & Points Sep 15, 2021

We dive deep into the benefits of Aeroplan 75K and Super Elite status to establish a fair value for the...

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Hilton Honors Extends Elite Status to 2023
Miles & Points Sep 15, 2021

Hilton Honors is the first major hotel loyalty program to extend status for all members by another year through to...

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Aeroplan Elite Status: How Much Is It Worth? (Part 1)
Miles & Points Aug 31, 2021

In this two-part series, I take a look at the dollar value that I’d associate with each of the Aeroplan...

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Air Canada Million Mile: The Lifetime Elite Status Program
Miles & Points Jul 30, 2021

Air Canada's Million Mile program recognizes those who have flown a significant amount with the airline, rewarding them with lifetime...

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Air Canada eUpgrades: How Much Are They Worth? (Part 2: Cash Fares)
Miles & Points Jul 23, 2021

If you are willing to shop around for different fares, there's excellent value to be found in eUpgrades on paid...

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Video: Level Up Your Aeroplan Elite Status!
Miles & Points Jul 14, 2021

Aeroplan has announced yet another exciting promotion this week: the ability to spend your way to a higher level of...

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Aeroplan Elite Status: The Benefits of Being a Super Elite
Miles & Points Jul 13, 2021

As Air Canada's most loyal customers, Aeroplan Super Elite members are afforded benefits above and beyond what other travellers are...

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WestJet Rewards Extends Status to 2022
Miles & Points Jun 4, 2021

WestJet Rewards is offering an elite status extension through 2022, accompanied by a few additional incentives for existing status members.

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Aeroplan Elite Status: Guide to Qualifying and Privileges
Miles & Points Jun 3, 2021

A full guide to Air Canada's revamped Aeroplan Elite Status program, which rewards its most frequent travellers with a variety...

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Aeroplan’s Everyday Status Qualification Is Here
Miles & Points May 6, 2021

With Everyday Status Qualification, Aeroplan members can earn Aeroplan 25K Status without flying through their purchases and other eligible activity.

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