What happens if there is a schedule change on your Aeroplan itinerary?

Be proactive about checking your Aeroplan reservations, as Aeroplan often doesn’t send notice of schedule changes. If there is a major schedule change, call Aeroplan to get rebooked, but do your own research first to look for potential solutions. The usual change fees are waived in this scenario.

If your Aeroplan itinerary experiences a major schedule change that results in an impossible connection or violates the minimum connection time, Aeroplan is obligated to rebook you on alternative flights get you to your destination.

However, this process goes much smoother if you do your own research beforehand to find award space that would work. If you can’t find any award space, Aeroplan has the ability to open up additional space on Air Canada flights that would fit your schedule. Either way, the change fees and/or additional fuel surcharges won’t be applied.

If there is no award space available and opening up space on Air Canada flights won’t help (for example, if your flight is entirely outside of North America), Aeroplan can buy you a revenue ticket on any Star Alliance airline in the class of service you paid for.

This might take some persistence and asking to speak to the supervisor, but remember, Aeroplan is obligated to fulfill the terms of contract and get you to your destination.

If the schedule change results in a very long connection, a later arrival, or an earlier departure, then what is considered a “substantial” enough schedule change to waive the change fee is up to the discretion of the customer service representative. However, I’ve found them to be quite understanding if you provide a good reason as to why you need to depart/arrive at a certain time, or why a long layover wouldn’t work for you. Remember, if the call isn’t going the way you want, you can always hang up and call again.

Last updated 8 June 2019. Any questions? Contact me.