How do you set up a US mail forwarding service?

The most popular US mail forwarding services are MyMallBox in Delaware, 24/7 Parcel in Washington and New York, and Shipito in Nevada.

Setting up a US mail forwarding service is relatively simple. You simply sign up through the website of the service provider. The most popular ones at the moment are MyMallBox, 24/7 Parcel, and Shipito.

MyMallBox works very well for the purposes of forwarding letter mail. There is no cost to sign up and they only charge a per-item forwarding fee. They have an online portal that pings you when you receive new mail, and you can have it sent to your Canadian address at the click of a button.

24/7 Parcel is primarily a parcel-receiving service, though they have an unadvertised service for forwarding letter mail as well. Email your desired 24/7 Parcel location to get started. Note that they charge an annual fee for renting the mailbox.

Shipito used to be the mail-forwarding service of choice, but recently there have been data points that they refuse to ship credit cards, so I’d recommend avoiding them for now.

No matter which mail forwarder you choose, you may be asked to fill in a USPS Form 1583, an Application for Delivery of Mail Through Agent. It’s pretty quick and easy to complete.

Also, you want to make sure that your service isn’t listed as a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency by the USPS, since credit card issuers can refuse to send mail to such locations. Use the USPS address lookup tool to verify this. The above three services all satisfy this requirement.

If you’re hoping to set up US credit cards for multiple family members, then you should be able to use the same mail forwarding service for everyone living at your Canadian address and get everyone’s mail forwarded through a single service.

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