How do you cancel an American Express credit card via secure message?

Go to the "Contact Us" drop-down menu, then click "Email Us". Type a simple message explaining that you'd like to cancel your card ending in XXXXX, and send it off. The cancellation will be processed in a few business days' time.

You can cancel your American Express credit card via telephone or via secure message. The latter can be a convenient way to get things done without having to pick up the phone! Here’s how to do it.

On your American Express dashboard, navigate to “Contact Us”, and then “Email Us”.


Click “Compose a Message”, and then fill in the form with a simple message as follows.

Note that it’s a good idea to say something like “I have already transferred out the points” in your message, since occasionally they’ll reply back warning you that you’ll lose the 43 MR points left in your account if you were to cancel (oh no!).


That’s it! You’ll hear back, usually within one business day, with a confirmation that your card will be cancelled within 24-48 hours:


Last updated 17 November 2018. Any questions? Contact me.