Does Air Miles use dynamic award pricing?

Unfortunately, yes. The Air Miles search engine won’t return results if the cash price of the associated award is too high; moreover, even when the search engine does return results, the price of Additional Flight Rewards will often sometimes be higher than the published award chart.

Air Miles allows you to redeem Dream Rewards for two different types of flight awards: Regular Flight Awards and Additional Flight Rewards.

Regular Flight Awards are based on a published award chart and have a fixed mileage price. Additional Flight Awards don’t have an award chart and seem to follow the cash price of a ticket more closely. Throughout many searches, it seems that Additional Flight Awards tend to show up when Regular Flight Awards are available as well, in order to provide the user with a wider range of flight options.

While Regular Flight Awards are certainly more likely to provide decent value for your Air Miles, in the event that they don’t show up, it might be worth taking a look at the Additional Flight Awards. It can often be the case that the Additional Flight Awards are more expensive by only a few Air Miles, and can therefore still represent great value over cash prices or other award programs.

Last updated 19 May 2019. Any questions? Contact me.