Can you pool miles across different Alaska Mileage Plan accounts?

You cannot pool miles between different Alaska Mileage Plan accounts unless you pay the 1¢/mile fee for transferring miles, which typically isn't a good deal.

You also cannot send the miles from different people's MBNA Alaska credit cards to the same Alaska Mileage Plan account.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to pool Alaska miles across different accounts. The program doesn’t have a household account feature, nor does it offer any way to send miles to other members besides paying a fee of 1¢ per mile.

At this price, it’s usually not worthwhile to transfer miles unless you’re sending a small amount of miles in order to top-up an account for a redemption.

For example, if you’re shooting for a Cathay Pacific First Class award ticket at 70,000 miles one-way, and you’ve earned 65,000 miles in one account but have 10,000 miles orphaned in another, then it might be worthwhile to pay US$50 and transfer 5,000 miles over to your main account so that you have enough.

If you and a partner are playing the game in two-player mode, you might be wondering if it’s possible to get the miles from both of your MBNA Alaska Airlines MasterCards sent to the same Alaska Mileage Plan account by entering the same account number on both individuals’ applications.

The answer is no: if MBNA detects that the name of the credit card holder doesn’t match the name on the Alaska account, they will go ahead and create a new Alaska account to send the miles.

Last updated 8 December 2018. Any questions?
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