Can you pool miles across different Aeroplan accounts?

You can't pool miles across Aeroplan accounts or transfer miles without paying a fee. However, you can book tickets in anyone's name out of your account, and you can also transfer American Express Membership Rewards points to anyone's Aeroplan account – it doesn't have to be your own.

You can’t pool miles among different Aeroplan accounts, and the only way to transfer miles that are already sitting in one account into a separate account would be to pay a price of $0.02 per mile transferred.


That adds up rather quickly – for example, if you wanted to transfer 50,000 miles to another account, that’d cost you $1,000. And then there’s tax on top of that as well.

The only time when transferring miles directly between Aeroplan accounts might make sense is if you just need a few miles to top up for a redemption. If you had a spare 1,000-or-so miles sitting in a separate account, it might make sense to pay the $20 to move them over to your main account and top it up, but even then it’s a rather annoying expense to incur.

If you want to book travel for someone else, keep in mind that you can redeem your miles for flights in anyone’s name. So if you’re trying to book a trip for your family, you can simply accumulate all the required miles in your account.

The best way to pool the miles earned by different people is by transferring miles from American Express Membership Rewards at a 1:1 ratio. Whether by mistake or design, the names on the Amex MR account and the Aeroplan account don’t have to match when you’re transferring points, so you can transfer all the MR points earned by different people into a single Aeroplan account if you’d like.

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