Can you hold multiple MBNA Alaska credit cards at once?

Sometime around 2016, MBNA firmed up their rules to disallow people from holding multiple MBNA Alaska Airlines MasterCards simultaneously. However, you can still "churn" this card (i.e., close it after a while and reapply later) to earn the signup bonus multiple times.

When the MBNA Alaska Airlines MasterCard first came on the scene, it used to be ridiculously easy to hold three or even four of these cards at the same time. You could apply for a new card every few months, and since MBNA was usually willing to “split off” your existing credit limits in order to approve you for a new card, you could earn the signup bonus of 25,000 Alaska Mileage Plan miles each time.

Unfortunately, that changed in 2016 when MBNA firmed up their application policies to put an end to this practice. Nowadays, you can only hold one MBNA Alaska credit card at once, although you can cycle through the card in order to capture the signup bonus multiple times.

There are a few isolated data points of people managing to get both the MBNA Alaska World Elite MasterCard (30,000 Alaska miles, $99 annual fee) and the MBNA Alaska Platinum Plus MasterCard (20,000 Alaska miles, $75 annual fee) at the same time, although they’re few and far between and I wouldn’t rely on being able to do the same.

Last updated 8 December 2018. Any questions?
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