Can you get greater value than $10 per 95 Air Miles from Cash Rewards?

Yes! Air Miles occasionally offers bonus miles for the act of redeeming your Cash Rewards, effectively giving you a redemption value higher than the standard 95 Air Miles = $10.

While the standard redemption value of Air Miles Cash Rewards is 95 Air Miles = $10, it’s possible to get greater value by redeeming your Air Miles at the right time.

In particular, you’ll want to look for redemption events (typically on weekends or during wider Air Miles bonus events) that give you the ability to earn bonus miles for the act of redeeming them. These are typically offered at grocery stores, such as Sobeys, Safeway, or Metro, and a typical offer might look like “Receive 50 bonus Air Miles when redeeming 95 or more Cash Miles”.

Occasionally, these offers happen simultaneously with a similar in-store promotion, allowing you to stack the offers and effectively earn Air Miles and free groceries at the same time.

Moreover, while these events are typically offered at grocery partners, we’ve also occasionally seen similar offers from the hardware store partners as well.

Sometimes of these offers are fulfilled instantly, while others will rebate the miles to your account at a later time after you redeem them. It’s a good idea to keep track of these receipts, but as long as the coupon is indicated on the receipt, Air Miles tends to be pretty good at posting the bonus miles when they’re due.

Last updated 19 May 2019. Any questions? Contact me.