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Refunds on Cancelled Flights: 2020 Year-End Update
Travel Talk Dec 15, 2020

With the battle for refunds on cancelled flights continuing to hum along, T.J. explores these developments and some of the...

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WestJet Will Issue Refunds on Cancelled Flights
Travel Talk Oct 22, 2020

Here in Canada, one of the key travel-related contentions that has kicked up as a result of the pandemic is...

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Video: The Battle for Refunds on Cancelled Flights
Travel Talk Jul 12, 2020

In this video, we take a look at the unfortunate story of Canada’s airlines withholding refunds on cancelled flights. How...

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Refunds on Cancelled Flights: What’s the Latest in Canada?
Travel Talk Apr 24, 2020

Canada’s airlines have unlawfully refused to provide refunds on cancelled flights, and they have been helped by a misleading statement...

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Refunds & Chargebacks on Cancelled Flights: What You Need to Know
Travel Talk Mar 24, 2020

Airlines across Canada have cancelled their flights and are reluctant to issue full refunds to affected customers. Here’s what you...

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