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New Aeroplan: The Aftermath, Six Months Later
Miles & Points May 10, 2021

Six months on, how has the new Aeroplan program performed? What have been the successes and failures? Let's take stock.

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New Aeroplan: What Still Doesn’t Look Right?
Miles & Points Nov 24, 2020

Now that’s it’s been a fortnight since the new Aeroplan program has launched, I wanted to follow-up my initial posts...

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New Aeroplan: An Early Look at Complex Routings
Miles & Points Nov 11, 2020

The new Aeroplan promised us a far greater range of flexibility when it comes to putting together complex routings. So...

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New Aeroplan: A Closer Look at Dynamic and Preferred Pricing
Miles & Points Nov 10, 2020

The nature of the dynamic pricing model and the Preferred Pricing benefit was always a big mystery coming into the...

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Air Canada’s New Aeroplan Is Here! (Sweet Spots, Dynamic Pricing, and More)
Miles & Points Nov 9, 2020

Air Canada’s new Aeroplan program has launched as of today, November 9, 2020. In this post, we’ll go over all of...

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New Aeroplan Credit Card Offers by TD, CIBC, and American Express (75K Points, Buddy Pass, and More!)
Miles & Points Nov 8, 2020

It’s November 8, 2020, and that means the Aeroplan co-branded credit cards by TD, CIBC, and American Express have officially...

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New Aeroplan: A Closer Look at Intra-Zone Travel (North & South America)
Miles & Points Oct 26, 2020

In Part 2 of T.J.'s deep dive into the new Aeroplan's intra-zonal award charts, let's take a look at how...

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Details of the New Aeroplan Transition (Book Awards Before November 6!)
Miles & Points Oct 20, 2020

Aeroplan will experience a two-day period of downtime on the weekend of November 6–8 as it moves to its new...

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New Aeroplan: A Closer Look at Intra-Zone Travel (Atlantic & Pacific)
Miles & Points Sep 28, 2020

What are the best short-haul sweet spots when flying within the Atlantic and Pacific zones under the new Aeroplan? And...

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New Aeroplan: The Budget Traveller’s Perspective
Miles & Points Sep 9, 2020

Kirin shares his take on the new Aeroplan program from a more frugal traveller's perspective. How will budget-conscious Aeroplan members...

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