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Air Canada eUpgrades: Upgrading at the Airport
Miles & Points Sep 22, 2021

Aeroplan elite members can use eUpgrades to treat someone else to a higher class of service by requesting an upgrade...

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Air Canada eUpgrades: How Much Are They Worth? (Part 3: Premium Economy)
Miles & Points Aug 25, 2021

While it's not as straightforward as upgrading to business class, using eUpgrades for premium economy can still net good value. 

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Air Canada eUpgrades: How Much Are They Worth? (Part 2: Cash Fares)
Miles & Points Jul 23, 2021

If you are willing to shop around for different fares, there's excellent value to be found in eUpgrades on paid...

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Video: Air Canada eUpgrades Explained
Miles & Points Feb 24, 2021

In this video, we'll cover everything you need to know about maximizing Air Canada's eUpgrades for business class upgrades.

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Air Canada eUpgrades: How Much Are They Worth? (Part 1: Aeroplan)
Miles & Points Jan 21, 2021

We crunch the numbers and explore the valuation of Air Canada eUpgrade credits in the context of booking Aeroplan rewards...

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“Latitude Attitude”: Optimizing Your eUpgrade Strategies
Miles & Points Nov 16, 2020

Now that Aeroplan points and eUpgrades are much more intertwined under the new program, T.J. walks us through some of...

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A Closer Look at Air Canada’s New eUpgrades
Miles & Points Oct 6, 2020

T.J. takes a closer look at Air Canada's new eUpgrades, including how the system compares to before, what the new...

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Air Canada Introduces New eUpgrades for Aeroplan Members
Miles & Points Oct 2, 2020

Air Canada has today unveiled the details of a transformed and simplified system for eUpgrades, making them easier to use,...

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