Video: It’s Raining American Express Credit Card Bonuses!

American Express has released no less than seven (7) all-time-high credit card welcome bonuses this week across their Platinum, Aeroplan, Marriott Bonvoy, and Air Miles products.

These offers end on August 3, 2021, so they’re very much designed to supercharge your credit card strategy for the summer.

In this video, we’ll take a look at all the details on these juicy offers and break down how exactly they work, and I’ll also give you my initial impressions on which offers are the best to aim for.

Without further ado, you can watch the video below:


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  1. NIALL

    Any updates on a list of eligible grocery stores for the 10x bonus?
    I was hoping Walmart would be included but sounds like it’s not. How can we find out?

  2. Santhosh Chakkungal

    Hi..Is the Platinum 10x available on grocery purchase at Metro. Did some transaction and received only 1x through Platinum. What does stand alone grocery stores mean.Amex does not provide the list of establishments.

    1. Ricky YVR

      Metro should count. We’re still awaiting data points on whether the 10x groceries posts immediately (along with every transaction) or with a bit of a delay.

      1. Santhosh Chakkungal

        Thanks Ricky… I just logged into my account and it now displays the RC Bonus Offer under the Points activity. So you earn standard 1 MR for each $1 spent at Metro Plus 10MR as bonus so in total the earn rate is 11MR per dollar spent. It took 2 days after the activity to post the RC bonus offer.

  3. VS

    I just applied for the Amex Core Aeroplan card 2 days before the new bonus 🙁
    I still thought I would be able to get the 5 x points on food and drink for existing card owners. But no Amex offer on my dashboard and the person the on-line chat said he new nothing about it and brushed me off.
    Is there an official Amex confirmation anywhere??

    1. Ricky YVR

      Offers don’t show up immediately on new cards, they can take one or two weeks. Hopefully you’ll see the offer come through soon.

  4. Kevin


    Does anyone have a link to register for the 10x offer on the Platinum? Reinstated my card so hoping I can sign up for that new offer.


    1. Ricky YVR

      You’d register for it under the Amex Offers section of your online dashboard.

  5. John

    Any guesses as to how online groceries count for eats and drinks? I used to order Metro online and with Cobalt it got 5x, but with Platinum it got 1x. Metro does their billing through a different entity than their in person grocery shopping.

    I’m hoping Metro Online orders count for the eats and drinks aspect of the welcome bonuses, but don’t want to wait six months for points to post to find out for sure. Is there a way to be sure?

    Iirc metro online coded as “general merchandise” for the platinum and grocery for cobalt.

    1. Josh YVR

      The Platinum Card doesn’t have a grocery bonus normally, but it does for this promotion. Sounds like if it’s 5x on Cobalt for groceries, it’ll be 10x on Platinum for eats and drinks.

  6. robert barker

    ricky, can you get the aeroplan reserve bonus if you already have a core aeroplan card?
    i’m going to try and maximize this offer with my family and can probably get the full spend bonus on the cards.

    1. Ricky YVR

      Yes, you can. The core Aeroplan card earns a doubled referral bonus of 10,000 points during this summer promotion; however, it cannot refer others to the Aeroplan Reserve Card.

      1. Robert Barker

        thanks ricky. i referred two family members to the core aeroplan card from my core aeroplan card and hopefully collect 2x10k points plus their 75k bonus each.
        I assume that your “yes, you can” reply was to my question about me applying for an Aeroplan *Reserve* card and getting the full bonus even though i already have the core card.
        plus my current Aeroplan core card is getting 5 miles bonus per $1 on the eats category, up to max 25k bonus points, plus the usual 1 point which totals 6 points per $1. crazy good.

    2. robert barker

      another comment, you didn’t mention the referral bonuses. if i refer a couple people in my family, that’s another 10k aeroplan points for each. right?

      1. Paulk

        Good point. I referred my spouse from my biz plat to new platinum and with instant approval, a quick 30,000 MR points in my account. Next referred from my AP reserve to her for AP reserve, instant approval, instant 20,000 AP points in my account Quick 50,000 AP/MR points, which is icing on the cake prior to the spending bonuses. When she back refers her AP reserve to my application for a business AP reserve, another 20,000 AP. Total enough for business class seat to Europe with leftover points with favourable dynamic pricing….

        1. robert barker

          wow, i didn’t realize that the referral bonuses were instant! i just looked and got the 10k from referring the card to my wife. the other application was not approved instantly but i don’t expect there to be a problem. thanks for the info!

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