Video: Booking Your First Trip on Points

In the first four episodes of the Intro to Miles & Points series, we’ve covered a variety of topics to get you started on travelling the world on points.

While the series has been very much theory-heavy so far, Episode 5 aims to outline the entire step-by-step process of booking your first trip on points from start to finish: formulating a travel goal, researching flights and hotels, choosing which credit cards to apply for, and executing said credit card strategy.

By looking at the example of a cross-country Canadian trip, the goal here is to provide actionable tips for those of you looking to transform your knowledge of how this stuff works into your first real points-funded trip.

This episode also marks a natural ending point for the “beginner” part of the series, with the final three episodes going deeper into a handful of more advanced topics. I’ve finished shooting all the episodes and I’ll do my best to finish producing them over the next few weeks (but no guarantees, since I’ll be travelling as well).

As a reminder, here’s the plan for the series:

  1. An Introduction to Miles & Points

  2. How Does Your Credit Score Work?

  3. The Major Points Programs

  4. Booking Your First Trip on Points

  5. The Aeroplan Mini-RTW

  6. Getting US Credit Cards for Canadians

  7. What Is Manufactured Spending?

And you can watch “Booking Your First Trip on Points” below:


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  1. Sean

    Nice push for referrals… The couple from Montreal instead could each sign up for their own AMEX Gold via Perkopolis covering the AP, for no fees. Each get their own Bonvoy card, (refer the other if spending isn’t an issue) for $240 in total in annual fees. Net savings of $2,733, while having less overall spending to do.

    1. Andrew

      Personal Gold is a great value, although it lacks some of the "bells & whistles" that comes with the Business Platinum card. Lounge access is one great amenity when flying economy along with Gold Bonvoy Status.

      I think there’s never a great "one size fits all" solution, often times a second player might be more hesitant to apply for credit cards. The strategy Ricky discussed is ideal for someone trying to get enough points for 2 travelers which is a common "issue" (if you want to call it an issue).

      1. Sean

        Business Platinum is superior in the long run, I won’t disagree there. Have to look at it from someone just starting out’s perspective. Wrapping your head around a $499 annual fee for a card and $7,000 spend is daunting for the regular folk, vs $1,500. Since you brought up lounge access, I would be rather to choked to find out in this particular example I didn’t have any access one direction (YUL domestic n/a). But as you said, there is never a great “one size fits all”

    2. Ricky YVR

      I appreciate your input. That would indeed be a mighty fine way of doing it as well, albeit with an extra card to apply for.

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