Video: Book These Sweet Spot Flights Before They’re Gone

We’ve been hard at work racking up the points in 2021, but what are the best ways to redeem those points for flights and travel?

In this video, we’ll catch up on the best flight redemption sweet spots available through the major Canadian credit cards and loyalty programs.

Whether you’re interested in simply domestic economy class trips or round-the-world luxury flights, we’ll cover some awesome sweet spots between Aeroplan, Alaska miles, Avios, and American AAdvantage that allow you to book future travel for a great deal – some of which may not last much longer.

Without further ado, you can watch the video below:


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  1. Mike


    I thought Asia Miles had a Q-Suites sweetspot that you had used previously to fly Tokyo – Doha – Montreal? Perhaps I have the route wrong but can you remind me what that sweetspot was?


    1. Ricky YVR

      I didn’t put it in the video since it doesn’t originate in Canada, and it also got weaker after I flew it since Asia Miles no longer allows stopovers on a one-way. But yes, you can fly Tokyo–Doha–Montreal (with only a layover in Doha) in Qsuites for 90,000 Asia Miles and no surcharges.

  2. Steve

    Great video – but man oh man, I just checked out one of those “sweet spots,” and a handful of searches between April and September of next year between Vancouver and Tokyo/Japan revealed a typical points cost per biz class seat, one way, of more than 800,000. Granted, the was only a handful of searches, but I only saw one example of that sweet spot pricing, the EXTREME exception.

Ricky Zhang

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