New Video: The Credit Card "Churn"

Today’s new video focuses on what’s by far the easiest way to earn huge volumes of points here in Canada: taking advantage of credit card signup bonuses.

Many people find themselves intimidated by the thought of obtaining, managing, and then closing and reapplying for (or “churning”) credit cards purely for the points, so the goal of this video is to outline the process, address some common beginner questions (“why should I pay an annual fee?”, etc.), and set you up for success as you take aim for those killer bonuses.

This is the third video in the overall series covering the basics of Miles & Points in Canada. Here’s the plan for the eight episodes:

  1. An Introduction to Miles & Points

  2. How Does Your Credit Score Work?

  3. The Credit Card “Churn”

  4. The Major Points Programs

  5. Booking Your First Trip on Points

  6. The Aeroplan Mini-RTW

  7. Getting US Credit Cards for Canadians

  8. What Is Manufactured Spending?

You can watch the video below:

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